Funcom vacation

looking at the forums activity and the lack of responses from devs and community managers, it looks to me , they are now drinking margaritas and not reading forums… (vacation time)

well hope they get relaxed, cause when they come back they will find plenty of angry people to deal with.

a word of advice would be : it is usually a bad idea to SEND EVERYONE on vacation at the same time… (just saying)

Have a wonderful thursday!


Actually it’s not a bad idea. Many companies do this so they can shut down and save on water/electricity/etc during the break. In some cases (more factories) it id also a good time to retool, reposition machines, and do preventative maintenance.

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yeah, companies that sells products without issues… XD.

it looks like we will have the crappy AI (if we can call it AI) until august / September.

i am just bringing this up , so people hopes are not shattered… it looks like they are not working. so dont expect much. during their “deserved” vacation.


I was going to say something cheeky about Norwegian vacations, then I Googed and found out the top destination is Mallorca! Whoa, then I got to thinking (because of Rafa) maybe one or two of them are watching Wimbledon. I hope they’re having fun, plenty to see in Europe and elsewhere.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for Viking Devs

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Our server (1040) is dead again now. And seems it wont be back until restarted at 06:00. The problem here is that Funcom needs to approve server restarts. If we look past the bugs associated with the lockups.

Server 1082 Lagging again. Everyone get Lose connetion with host.

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