Funcom, we need to talk about PvP

My horse hase over 5000 health. Can sustain 10 times the height that I can.

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Yeah, better label it an exploit and nerf it quick!

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Larger than just horse nerfing. It’s all thralls are outrageous in HP and that stems from monsters being too monstrous…which was designed so to encourage teamwork

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The key word there being “encourage”, rather than “force”.

And I don’t mean that as a complaint. I like that everything the game can be done by a solo player, and I don’t want that to change.

But as long as that’s the case, the role of the followers in PVE will have to stay the same: difficulty modifiers. The monster is too tough for your preference? Bring a follower.

So if anyone has an idea for PVP balance that requires nerfing the followers too much, they might wanna come up with different idea :slight_smile:


Hate hate hate visible health bars. I play solo and rely on stealth and evading people. I’ve often escaped from groups of more powerful players under cover of darkness by eating dream dust. Now I keep getting run down in pitch black night by gangs who don’t even need night vision. It’s ridiculous :unamused:


one thing they should do with horses is they can be stolen when in following mode. Meaning if a horse is placed (stand/guard) all is good as far as ownership. But if it is on follow and you are not on i, it can be stolen. Makes it risky if you get unseated. I can then jump on it and steal it.


That’s… not a bad idea. More chaos is good.


Heh! I like it!

I like the idea of horse theft. Not sure about the rest of the realism suggested above but theft seems interesting and in keeping with looting. The other ideas about horses dying from mishaps and stuff can be understood, but if we’re gonna go that route, we gotta bring back animal feedboxes and stuff too. At some point follower maintenance becomes more of a burden than its worth. Gotta shoe a horse, horse’s head cant go underwater or they die, etc. A mechanic should be based in realism, but not all real situations should be included. Otherwise we need to take dumps, shower, eat more balanced meals, sleep in real time, etc. Horse theft tho, sounds interesting and in keeping with the game.


THAT is the part that really stinks. It’s so dark now, the only thing that can betray us is our bracelets, right?

It is not sporting at all to be able to gas bomb some dumb cretins who were hiding from my thralls’ arrow fire. Why can I see them now, and know they only had 172 Vit to start with? IF we’re talking immersion.


Very well said all good points.

I think FC did a good job with nerfing thralls in combat with Player-Characters only. I think more of that type of thing can be used to ensure PVE can retain it’s goodness while balance is attempted in PVP…just keep it changing when applying damage to player characters vs everywhere.


It actually come from thralls being designed to be base defense. They are stupid, and with low HP they wouldn’t be effective at all as base defense. In the current meta, good thralls can easily be the difference between a successful defense and getting gutted.

In general I agree with this, more mode-specific tweaks would be good for balancing PvP vs PvE

I would say: Deal with it.

Just like we PvP players had to deal with the removal of animation canceling.

Both things are considered an exploit now.

Btw, building limits work perfectly fine. Tested on private servers :wink:


I have trumpeted this before. Make the perks actually chain certain ways to unlock class perks.

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Careful not to Dothan in u.s. Illinois as that is still a hangable offense even if ever other law is no death penalty :laughing:

Both things are impossible now, not exploits.

They fixed it, because it was unintended behavior. And what does abusing unintended behavior mean?

Yes, exploiting.

Source: Exploit (computer security) - Wikipedia

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I can agree with you on this. Someone on foot with a sword or a cudgel should stand little chance if they just stand still and let a horse charge at them. But someone with a spear should have the chance, if they hit them full on, of knocking the person OFF of the horse for a nice chunk of damage.

Horses do have their disadvantages, terrain is one of the biggest but it could be implemented better.

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That is a really cool idea!!!

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