Funcom : What about The Secret World


Dear Funcom,

I’ve seen your announcement about the new season on Secret World Legend. Congratulations.
But I’m not here to talk about Secret World Legend.
A few months ago, I decided to reorganize the community on The Secret World, with a discord and some spams on your Reddit and some other places. The community comes back, slowly or/and not regularly, but they come. Doing content, even PvP with one mini- event, which was successful, and all PvE content.
Frankly, I didn’t expect such motivations.

Now, comes the doubts with your recent post on the official Forum.
I’m sorry to disturb here, nothing is said about the The Secret World’s future.
I’m worried now, after the two elements I’ve quoted a bit earlier: the new season on SWL, the end of the official forum.
The fact is, we can’t have new players on TSW because, the game can’t be bought anymore, I understand you want to maximize the sales-ip on SWL, but why close the door like that? TSW and SWL share a same root, but they are far to be same.
The maintenance mode is not clear, no real information about it. And the game dies slowly despite my efforts or annoyances (depends on the side, I guess).

It would be great to have some information. Something concrete. NO SOON™. If the game has to shut it down, then say it.
I know, The Secret World at the moment is a waste of money, so why not re-sell keys? I have a HIGH doubt it steal SWL’s thunder.

A last word, I’m sorry to post here, it’s not intended to crumple, it’s just an ask for information.
Best regards.


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As someone that got into Secret world with SWL I would love to see TSW at least once, be it only to see content like the manufactory so I have the full picture of the games story and not only 99%.


I think what they said back at relaunch, was that TSW will be kept open and running, but that no new content will be added. As for why they don’t sell keys. I guess that is partially because they want people to join SWL over TSW, but possibly also to not cause confusion when people want to buy SWL.


It’s a dead game. They’re not going to put money into a dead product. Just be grateful that they kept some server space allocated to run it.


I loved TSW. SWL is ok as a social platform with gameplay level “no sweat”.

But to be honest, because I haven’t seen anyone “fighting” in Fusang in a month, I dont mind TSW shut down. This fantastic game (TSW) is dead. SWL is merely a shadow of TSW’s awesome Ability Wheel and Aux Weapon system, seasoned with Augments and huge amount of Signets… AEGIS was what it was.

Even that there are big community build up (thanks to Phid’s Discord), nobody does nothing (at least my gaming time), especially in PvP field. This is what TSW was like at last months, nobody did nothing if there is no “Event” on.

Same thing is going on with SWL. Lets see what happens after Season 2? I bet it turn like TSW, nobody does nothing without an Event or boost or something.

Im sorry to say this, but this is how I feel.


I understand the feeling and that’s what we’re trying to prepare with suggestions about PvP but also replayable zones with higher difficulty. The “wait is gone” for now but it’s very temporary, very soon the content will be consumed and we’ll be back to that point with nothing new or interesting to do.

The locksmith and boosters events are something but it’s still tied to doing old things. Unless NJ have something keeping us busy, it’s time we have extra playing modes, whether they are PvP, Game+ (my name for harder world, suggestions accepted) dungeons from TSW released or new scenario gameplay modes, there are ways to fix that soon-to-be-again problem.

Unless people keep crying for cringy cosmetics, then we’re screwed.


I aggree with @Sawo in that SWL is only a shadow compared to the greatness of TSW but at the same time I cannot go back to TSW and believe me I’ve tried. I had 345 days played on my main in TSW and a little piece of me dies every time I log in so I’ve moved on to SWL.

I truly admire @Phidias-X efforts and I think it’s a great thing that they have done acting as the glue that has held together what remains of a truly fantastic game and community.

I feel that SWL has some potential, yet I don’t think it’s potential will ever be reached. We will get season 2 in a couple weeks and followed by an anniversary event at the end of June and then a long wait at which point player activity will return to old TSW levels

I’ve preached PvP since SWLs release because it offers a good way to keep the community active regardless of there progress in the game. 5 or 6th most visited post on the general forums but as usual not a word from the devs.

If anyone wishes to add to the discussion. Best of luck with getting a response regarding TSW, a part of me wishes they would just end its long and painful death though. It deserves that at the very least.


Would be great to have information first, and yes, if it’s their project, then do it.


“I’m sorry to disturb here, nothing is said of about The Secret World’s future.”

Um, yes, something has been said…Check here, and here.


Unfortunately those don’t address what the OP is asking. In a nutshell the OP seems to be asking is the game (TSW) going to stay around for x years, is it going to be sunset this year, next year? What is the status of the old game as far as longevity.

Its apparent from the initial info before SWL was fully released that TSW is in maintenance mode and will not get any updates.

On a personal side note, games that require server side components should have that portion be made available to the public if they sunset the game completely, so long as there isn’t some cross licensing being done that would stop that (like for instance Sony’s old Star Wars MMO that was killed).


First link says nothing more than The Secret World will be online, there is no guaranty it will be permanent.
Second, push players to join SWL.
Both don’t say they will stop to sell the game, close the forum and change links to Secret World Legends.
So basically both say nothing.


Well given some people have probably not done the second transfer yet and it is the only place in TSW/SSWL universe where pvp is possible that woul dbe cool to know indeed.


No new content for TSW is pretty clear…read into it however you will. I have no answer as to how long it will stay in maintence mode, but the idea that the article says “nothing” when it says no new content is laughable.


Agree. Even a heads up we’ll be closing the end of the 2018/2019/? would be nice to have the heads up.

As for the key - sell them for $5 - people playing SWL will buy them for that price or give them free to subs of SWL. As there are things in TSW that aren’t in SWL that SWL players hear about and I see daily mentioned in chat that they’d like to try (AEGIS/Manufactory/PvP). So they could co-exist in some interesting way.


If their current plan is “we have no plans to close TSW at this time” then they can’t very well give you a date to enact a plan they currently have no plan of enacting.


This. There is no plan for TSW. They don’t plan to do anything with it, but they also haven’t decided to shut it down yet. That’s all there is to it.


Leogrim TSW is a complete different game.
You can die in the tutorial.

The zombs in KM will eat yaa if you don’t know how to fight them.
The mab is not caged, you can walk right from the start into an area you don’t belong too.

That’s why they pulled up a wall at the start so you don’t stumble in a area you don’t belong.

The skills are more complex, the fights are more challenging.

You need to understand the math behind all.

TSW is challenge, SWL is a pleasure cruise.


I know it’s de rigueur to rewrite history the very second it’s behind us but come on. It was obtuse and its user unfriendliness was a huge obstacle to its success (and neither of those things equate to challenge anyway) but this is patently false - I played the game for five years, enjoyed it immensely and made it to endgame and I never gave more than a cursory glance to the “math behind it all” and I’m willing to bet there were plenty of other players who did the same.


In best case, it could be an option.

Funcom is a company with international influence not a charity organization. They need to pay their employees. The game costs them money, even it’s not a lot. There is plan, there is always plan. I can give one exemple: season 2 was firstly announced on TSW, but it’s now on a different game, created while players expected from devs, they do the chapter 2. It shows they have ideas, they don’t share it.


Yes, and the plan right now is probably not to throw more salt in the wounds of people who didn’t want to transfer to SWL. Which probably also means it is not expensive enough for them to have to shut it down right now, and so they just leave it be. Aside from that, they have been very clear that nothing is going to ever happen with it, aside from shutting down completely. New keys won’t be sold, and there will not be a sliver of new content. I played Secret World for thousands of hours since closed beta, and I have a deep love for it, but that’s just the way it is.