FUNCOM! what are you doingto this Game. Patch stinks.. i lost lot items too

This new so called PATCH FIX BUNCH CRAP NOW SCREWED MY JOURNEY I HAD TO ONLY FINISH LAST OF IT ALL FULL BOTTOM THANKS FOR LISTENING TO THOSE YAHOO’S IN TEST LIVE NOW LISTEN TO ONE WHO REALLY KNOW. stop messing with what works or you going get more people abandoned this game capish. STOP!! now i can’t even open players list. Key letter BBBBBBBBBBB not work. JEEZ OHHHH Guess what map all traveled places all removed & even those places map shold b mark gone gone gone…POOF.

lost a good 500 hours of refined mats in a vault in what once was a large open build area with multiple raid points on it…but apparently them leaving them open was a “mistake” and now my whole base and some 100 thralls now all gone…GG funcom

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