Funcom : What Are Your Plans Regarding The Dynamic Building Damage System?

a body can hold roughly 5 chests worth of mats. So 5 chests are 75 shaped and 25 iron reinf. Add in about a 4x4 sandstone shack, and you have a log off shack for PVE/PVE-C. PVP would also be the only servers that need this, as the whole idea of raiding is to steal, and if one can hide loot on vanishing body vaults, it literally breaks the game loop of it.

BTW, this comes from a player with at least 8 body vaults on 8 servers with full on base supplies. And I would rather not have body vaults if it meant a functioning DBD that drives raiding and actual PVP.

Or they could simply make it so bodies actually stay in the world like they’re supposed to.

That would work fine on PVP and PVE-C servers, but not on PVE servers. You would end up with a server littered with bodies that you can’t remove.

It used to be your body stayed in the world for a week before getting “body vaulted”. I wish they would bring that back, but anyone logging back in after being “body vaulted” spawns naked at a new player spawn point.

Being that it is a server setting that can be toggled on/off, easy enough for them to toggle off for the PvE servers and toggle on for PvP, like they already do with the PvP settings. Juts fix the darn system they already have in place, problem solved.

What’s the timer on that behavior now? You definitely don’t “body vault” immediately after logout.

Amen to that.

I’m not sure, because I’m on hiatus and not keeping close track. Last time I checked, it was something like a day or so.

Hmmm. Maybe a happy medium would be that you drop your inventory but keep everything you’ve equipped.

Not sure what Funcom plans to do.

Also, given everything described in producer’s letter I can understand now why they seem so oversubscribed.

Tbh not sure at the moment either. It keeps breaking. I recall not too long ago they were gone after restart, then they were sticking around for a week, then… frankly I’ve stopped paying attention to it other than when I notice my clanmates bodies disappearing when they shouldn’t. If they stuck around for even a week on PvP that would at least increase the risks associated with a body vault. But if they flat just made them stay in the world like they’re supposed to, then vaulting would gone.

Personally, I would love to see them suddenly turn on “bodies stay in world” and make it permanent. It would be a total disaster on PvE servers as codemage states, but oh man it would be hilarious to log in to a server covered in unconscious players from years past.

I suppose it would look like the unnamed city before all the dead skeletonized.

I like that better, but unfortunately i believe the reason they have bodies leave after x time (bugged on consoles to disappear every restart) to minimize the piles of bodies we saw early on in noob spawn desert.

Friday…so hope is by eod, doubt Saturday would be any major news???


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Welp, not one thing seems to address combat pvp or even the function of raiding being a game loop and not a toxic d-bag thing to do just because. I truly love my time on Conan (Exiles on PS4 mainly), but I may have out grown its direction and lack of focused PVE (sandbox RP is more what it has become, not that it is bad, just not me). I am feeling more and more like the square peg for their round hole.


Agreed… although, I think now when you die offline, your body does not reappear until you come online. But completely understand the point.

I payed for a while on an extremely popular PS4 server and there were so many bodies at the respawn point that it looked like some obscene multi armed monster.

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Probably because it was a Siptah based Letter and what the major plans they have to do with Siptah.

Ignasis mentioned here on the forums a week or whatever ago that the original combat changes planned for 2.2 have been pushed to a later patch (and also said some of them still made it in, just not all of them). So that’s probably more of the PvP stuff you are looking for.

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I know, but again as a primary PS4 player PVP wise (a great group of friends I play with on officials) it just means consoles may be dead and gone player wise by the time they are truly addressed. The list seemed pretty comprehensive and will take months imo to even balance for PC, let alone convert to consoles and play catch up on their unique bugs.

At some point they will have to address the profitability of porting/converting and updating to consoles the fully functional version. Plus, again, raiding is super thin in options of why and how to raid. You pretty much mass farm jars, wait for offline window of “enemy” ( I use that loosely, as there is no reason at all to raid and steal when comparing to returns you get mass farming), and any other way is being stubborn or trying to RP the way you hoped it would be. I again know now I am more of the square peg for the round whole of what Conan is now.

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