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I recently installed pi-hole and with it a few lists containing blocked ad networks, telemetry etc.

Tried to login Conan Exiles and it just got stuck on loading, after I selected my server - figured it must have something to do with pi-hole and checked the logs, and I was right, about 400 blocked outgoing transmissions to

Once I whitelisted that, everyone worked as usual.

So, my question is, what kind of data is the client sending to nvidia and why is it forced?

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Its being sent by nvidia GeForce Experience as far as I can tell. There’s a long thread in the nvidia forums you can perhaps weigh in on:

Do you have GeForce experience installed? That location is nvidia’s drop zone for telemetary for their bloatware. iirc it’s mostly hw level telemetary for GFE.

Thank you Markbnj. I appreciate your reply, but as a customer with Funcom I want them, as (data) processor, to reply to this.

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I do, but there is still no reason why Funcom should force me to send telemetry to nvidia to login to the game. If I block their client should just timeout and let me continue to login without freezing/getting stuck in a loop because I block telemetry.


That’s strange, I can almost guarentee it’ll be GFE stopping the game from running though. If possible, I’d suggest removing GFE (in general, tbh). But if you actually use it then pihole has whitelists.

GFE has to access the game directly in order to inject it’s 3D modifications and report back the games current status, if the telemetary is part of the process then it might show what you’re getting here. GFE is stuck during it’s injection thingy and Conan can’t continue (guessing). :frowning:

As a side note, since PiHole is only really used by people who care about this; GFE is not at all needed by the drivers; it’s only used to make nVidia money after you’ve purchased the GPU, hence the need to ‘log-in’ and the telemetary.

Edit: Oh i see you mentioned data processors, you’re 400% more educated on GDPR that most! Funcom can be contacted directly on their website; mention those kind of keywords and they should reply properly.

Thank you for your in-depth reply PRADA.

I agree with you, but unfortunately there are some features within the GFE that are useful, Ansel, Freestyle. On the other hand I guess there are other options, even if they require abit more effort (at least for Freestyle, not sure if there are any alternatives to Ansel.

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Luckily Ansel is part of the Unreal Engine packages so no need for GFE. I don’t have GFE installed and can still use Ansel fully, it’s certainly one of the few good things nVidia bundles in with the drivers.

Not sure about Freestyle. In fact haven’t heard it before now haha. I’ll see if I can use it w/o GFE at home later, unless you beat me to it.

I’m no lawyer, but it is likely the data is: a) not coming from software created by Funcom; and b) not being sent to servers controlled by Funcom. Also you probably accepted a click-through eula when you installed the binaries from nVidia that grants the necessary permissions. You might want to find a copy of that and review it. From my pov the simplest solution still seems to be uninstalling the software. If you want to keep using the software but don’t want the telemetry behavior then you’re in a bit of a bind.

Yea Nvidia likes collecting your personal information and selling it to the highest bidder. Remove their software if you value your privacy.

I actually sold my travel gaming laptop due to this issue. Bought one with an AMD gpu instead

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