Funcom when will you fix this?

I would like you to explain to me how funcom allows and does not take measures against players and guilds that build only half a map. It is incomprehensible that measures are not taken, the problem of the servers and their latency is partly due to the large constructions and the low population also because nobody can build or the latency is horrible. Although the avatar has been activated, how is one supposed to face this abuse of players and guilds by taking such large areas and even blocking areas where it was possible to build other clans. In these photos you can clearly see the abuse. Does Funcom plan to do something? I just hope that with the new content it will include a total erasure (wipe) and that a solution should be required for this type of act.


Make your report as instructed in here.


There is simple solutions for this, they just need to be implemented in the game.

  • Land claim must provide from a bench (like rust) and not by foundations.
  • You have to pay 10% upkeep of all your building per day. (so no more log in 1 min every week to refresh timers).
  • Servers must be wiped every 3 months.

¿Para que?, en mi servidor 1088 zona europea se les pidió a @Ignasis y @Hugo @Community con pruebas irrefutables medidas para destruir en su mayoría clanes chinos y rusos haciendo trampas bajo las texturas de los mapas, atacando y robando desde las texturas, 15 días acaban de pasar desde el reporte - queja y aquí nadie hace nada. Después en las normas pone, si te atacan, roban (en conclusión destruirte desde dentro por ataques desde texturas) no te devuelven ni los materiales ni todo el trabajo de construcción empleado en tu base y se limpian las manos. La verdad que a mí personalmente si esto sigue así, dejaré en juego a un lado. No tienen suficiente personal, es comprensivo, pero tampoco buscan soluciones al nombrar a jugadores en cada servidores leales al juego limpio. Conclusión: el juego caerá en picado con gente así, y es un buen juego.

I can send 50 thousand reports but funcom DOES NOT DO ANYTHING passes the days, weeks, months … AND DOES NOT DO ANYTHING. It’s like talking to a deaf person, no matter how much you tell or send him, HE DOES NOTHING.

I already complained about another server and he replied: it is already solved. They have not solved anything, have they only removed a piece of the wall to allow the passage and have those ¿responsible been punished? I doubt it. Then they will go back inside and block the way again. That way nothing is solved, they only infuriate and unhinge the clean and legal players.
the only way I can think of is to publicly denounce so that other players also expose what is happening on their server and thus force funcom to act.

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Lol, that’s nothin. That’s all sandstone. On my server it’s all black ice foundations with vaults dropped onto EVERY available space in between the rows. Ugly yes, effective yes.

no matter the type of foundations, the fact is that there are players who do not care where they are dedicated to doing this and with the improvement of the trabuquete even more ground. This has been happening since it started to play and they have not solved it. I no longer hope that it will be solved.

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It is a sandbox building game. Not a home owner’s association where you constantly complain about the size, shape, and color of your neighbors house.

the type of foundation is indifferent. since the beginning of the game has been happening and nothing has been done. if something has been tried it has been of no use. Funcom suffers from a terrible disease that causes silence, lack of action, serious lack of ideas, and the most serious indifference. Now they put content in and then they will spend months fixing bugs caused by new content and old bugs that were fixed and keep coming back.
How funny it is a sandbox game that is correct like many other games like life is feudal and they solved it by forcing them to maintain said structures. they have incorporated gold and silver into conan so that they give it a new use. keep the bases paying with it.
a guild cannot occupy half a map, the servers are for 40 players not for 10. this situation causes empty servers full of abandoned structures and full of garbage. as it can be that a server with a population less than 5 has lag and a very high ping.

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I sent many complaints. But nobody was punished. I waited a week, two weeks, a month, two months and more. I had hopes that I would be able to return to my server and continue enjoying the game. But the guys in textures were still online. I really like the game, but the developers ignore the pleas for help from honest players.

in the case of wanting to build giant bases we have the pve. because in pvp when you build what happens that way you are left alone. It is frequent that they also abuse newbies and do not like others to build.

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Or, not.

I don’t play Rust. Making Conan be like every other game is not a solution that will keep me playing Conan.

If folks do not like public servers and the reporting mechanics, they can always pay for a private server.

Punishing those who enjoy the game to benefit those who do not care for the game appears to be a losing strategy.

We have different experiences when it comes to filing reports.

Oke im beeing blunt here.
Hundreds of posts passed the forum about this issue during the years, don’t bother, FC doest give crap.

pve© are the perfect (sand) storm in terms of grievers & trolls , spammers etc.

Only concrete statement ive seen in the past about this is - "we want you to be able build without restrictions. (nils)

(And what about all the players that are blocked by that)

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