Funcom ... why is it that your game support stinks so bad? (read inside, a true story)

we have been trying to get purge for a week, to not avail we tried to redo the clan, (kicking everyone out, elimianting the clan , and redoing it to then reinvite all our players back… in a wish to have everything reset and hoping when we fill the purge bar again we get purged. (it has been reported but by the lack of responses and support it is more than obvious you dont give a crap… about it. your lack of communication shows very little interest on your end…

server 1930 (among others) suffer from 1020 ping and 2fps bug, (you dont care)
purge its not triggering for us, and same for summer (clan solscice for over a week) and again no action that shows you care… please tell me for how long should we endure this BS ? thank you. and happy new year.

now the purge bar does not MOVE its not filling anymore!!!..

I am starting to get VERY angry, dont expect to be nice if you keep looking elsewhere when we report bugs and problem with g-portal stinky servers…

I haven’t had a purge in 8months don’t be to upset. There is far more important bugs to fix then getting a purge to destroy your base while offline haha.

why can i be upset? we are a 10 man clan , there is always people online to fend off purges. and that is part of our end game content.

if you feel ok with not having a purge in 8 month, then the problem is probably you not them XD (wiith all due respect )

Im not happy im just saying they have bigger issues then purges to fix.

Its not really a priority so your going to be upset awhile and no reason being upset for something you cant fix :man_shrugging:

and where did they said exactly purges were not a priority?

a company never says what there priority’s are because then they would be expected to follow though with a time line. If you followed their Trello board you would know what there currently working on.

Perfect example… 10 fish traps from a clan that played over a year ago are still on my base. Devs are aware of the issue that they share my bases timer but have more important issues to tackle.

Again purges have been an ongoing issue for years. Just do a search on the fourms. They turned them off several times this year. Currently they are on but its very buggy. Its hit or miss if they actually work.

My point to replying to your OP is dont get riled up at FC your not the first person to make a post like this. I dont think its that they don’t care what you have to say its more so there man power and fixing high priority like exploits or undermeshings and ultimately what there bosses the shareholders (TenCent) want them to do “Work on more DLC” lol

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Have you guys considered hosting your own server?

That is an option.

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