Funcom why people like Ignasis work for you

For already a month I have been talking, he covers his friends streamers such as midaj (Maloeiro) , how many I threw proofs and complaints nothing. Ingnasis just covers everything. how can you play honestly in the game if you cover people who use glitch and leave undermesh .
You can’t fix a speed hack as early as a month . But only what u can lie in forum . But i write true in this moment but who care better protect streamer with glithes than normal players

I appreciate having Ignasis around.


I also appreciate having Ignasis around. While I don’t think Ignasis or Hugo have had to fix anything for me personally, I have seen them help sooooo many other people in the time I have played Exiles. They are one of the good things about Funcom.

Sorry (as a fellow player) that you aren’t happy though. it is probable that they have passed things on that you have highlighted to the dev team to fix “under the hood” rather than resorting to the ban hammer (which doesn’t really work). They aren’t always in a position to tell us what happens with the exploits we pass on to them.

Cheaters are too good at exploiting that kind of informatioin.


I’m sorry, but I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying. I can see English isn’t your first language, but could you try rephrasing it so I could understand.

Are you saying that @Ignasi is trying to protect some bug abusers or cheaters from punishment? I find that somewhat hard to believe. However, it is against the forum rules to name people or publish videos on cheating etc., so he may have been hiding posts that contain such material. In fact, it’s one of his jobs. It doesn’t mean those cheaters go unpunished, just that this forum is not the right place to report them.

(Tagging Ignasis to this thread so he can come in and clear any misunderstandings.)


A few clarifications before we proceed to suspend your account:
1- To report players or clans, please do so privately to either me or @Hugo
2- Needless to say, to report other players or clans you’ll need to provide proof that is irrefutable against said players or clans. “My friends said so”, or “I think that” do not count as irrefutable.
3- We do not ban players or clans on demand.
4- This is our current stance regarding admin activity on official servers:
5- Usually when reporting other players please make sure your own clan is not using those same or worse exploits in that same video or map location.