FUNCOM! Would a total wipe help you fix old bugs?

Yes, but at least it is fresh, and less of.

But whay whats the point whit that?

If you like new fresh map get a privat server. But a server wipe will not do mutch good alot off people will quit and the toxiq player will just keep harasing and do what they alredy do.

Whats the point whit a wipe ?

The only people that will quit are those that know they cant build a castle, they belong in a PvE© server, so they can go there. PvPers are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS. And it is funcoms fault. They are losing more n more players, let alone good players. This is one of the reasons most of them are leaving.
So if youre saying people will leave if they CAN go to a different server made for them. Guess what, PVPers HAVE no server they can go for THEM. its a joke. and you and those that dont PVP WILL not understand this.

A wipe would hurt me a lot. Like i said im a hoarder.

But if it would help the underlaying major old bugs I would agree on it.

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