Funcom, you guys nailed it with this patch :D



They did nail this patch. It is by far the best patch they have done since release.

But having played for a bit longer, some of the nails are a bit bent.
Like the sudden loss of stability in the floor under a map at the den.

Some nails were put in where they were not required, like the nerfing of blood production, tar from coal and meat harvesting.

Still better than the staples that held together the last few patches.


Even solo the difficulty is a joke, get your s**t together^^


let me guess another player using a modded game. right?

best regards.


That Bull is no joke on a Live server… One wrong lag spike and there’s over half of your health in one hit (if trying without epic armor).


Yea, but thralls teleport with you if you use the potion. Just give them some daggers or something strong, and tank the boss. Easy peasy.

The guy I saw had a thrall with only 1.6k health, not something late game so there’s no excuses by anyone.


Yeah, thralls were useless for so long that I forget and tend to have a go at all of the bosses unassisted, lol.


I have but one thrall. I don’t take them with me when I fight. Maybe when the animals are available.


Pippi mod has several issues. Should get resolved once the pippi team has time to update their stuff.


I fully agree. Update feels solid, and nothing else broke. (Which was really THE most dire issue). Only now the game can start to get better. Hope Tascha treated everyone again to a batch of muffins. :slight_smile:


You are not even kidding lol


Update feels solid? Hmm, not even 3 hours past patch I discovered a new unlimited stamina glitch…


You may, if your graphics card and cpu can handle it (not so power greedy), install and use reshade with “Adaptative Sharpen” and “ColorMatrix” filters. It has to be installed in conan exiles/binaries/bin64 to work and you’ll need a few minutes to tune it to your tastes but it’ll change your world ^^.


What is your character wearing? It looks nice!


Purge is broken, meter not moving.


Are Fighters and Archers thralls still broken aswell? Because all of them in every base still dont attack, this is very annoying. -_-


The AI fixes aren’t in yet. That should be in the next round of Testlive additions #soon. Nothing has been done with them yet. Anything that was wrong with thralls before, will be wrong with them and pets now. The addition of food will only help to clear out floaters (albeit with more timers for the server to process) shrugs


Well that’s partially correct, they did add the new scout mode which does help with getting Thralls unstuck in the world. You and I are very much both looking forward to what’s coming next though, I’m certain of that (in terms of AI and the promise of development of such).


Thrall wheel tier 2 is only allowing 2 thralls to cook at a time. Not sure if this is intended. But I’m sjre I could do 4 before.


I see, thought that non agro thing was getting fixed with the food update, well, lets hope this AI overhaul change everything when it comes then.


I would watch a youtube video, my clanmate had to do it just right to make it work.