Funcom, you guys nailed it with this patch :D



If only that was not broken also, all the floaters are still around while they should have starved a couple of days ago…


It was working on Testlive, when I’d leave my thralls unfed for 7 days… I even watched a couple die in front of me. Why it didn’t translate to Live? I have no clue. My guess would be something to do with server restarts (which we didn’t get in test).


Reality is, this is the worst any software maker can possibly do. They basically released a version of the software(the partial release) that was not even tested on testlive, let alone on a copy of a live server. The fact that the testlive servers did not get the same restarts as the live version is even more ridiculous, first thing any developer learns is that you test your software on a 1:1 environment.


:sweat_smile: We certainly should have gotten some daily restarts at some point during the test cycle. The animal babies wouldn’t even respawn between server resets, making rhino’s, bears, and big cats hard to come by. Then the obvious persistent issues with traps, wells, disappearing structures, and so on.


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