Funcom - you NEED to do this for Easter! An easy to implement easter event!

Make all Rabbits in the world have a percentage chance of spawning as elite, and make the difficulty of them identical to elite sabertooths. THAT would be an unexpected tough and lol fight all at once. Give them loot tables similar to elites, maybe some more sweeteners and a slightly higher percentage, and boom!

All you need to do is get an artist to give them glowy eyes then play with the stats! Easter is go!


I agree, and also make all the eggs in nests all over the map yellow with surprises in them:)


Make bombs look like Easter eggs too. Would be funny for bomb PvP.

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Sounds more like Monty Python than Easter to me. I would be all for it though.


It wouldn’t be too hard, but it wouldn’t exactly be easy - there’d be a fairly hefty bit of animation work to be done for it as there isn’t exactly anything in the game now that would allow one to rig an oversized rabbit to the skeleton and use the animations.

BUT one can always dream.


Just add a random status effect whenever you eat eggs. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.

I am all for killer bunnies and eggs with cool surprises!


Not if they bear the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. :wink:


Have the elite rabbits drop red easter eggs, which hatch baby easter rabbits, who drop blue easter eggs when in a pen, which when opened will yield surprises.

Don’t know why, but this make me think at the :japanese_goblin: turkey in ARK !

Why not after all, but like said, bunnies aren’t fighting npc’s, so this would need some work in order to make them work as that.

Remember, throw on on 3 not on 2 or on 4…


Loved that movie. Can’t get much campier.

“1, 2, 5!”
“3, sir.”

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