Funcom you owe people what you promised

They promised everyone who tested the big bug patch and the then new pet system last summer 2018 a free copy of Jewel of the West DLC but I still have not received my copy. They won’t answer my emails or forum contact attempts.

Thats a little harsh imo. Funcom is an indie developer and it is the gold rule of indie games to push your content out for feedback no matter what because more time that passes being run through in office the more money you lose and the less overall publicity your game receives.

One could have these feelings for a developer like Bethesda who charged their base to play a fake beta with no intentions on fixing a darn thing but Funcom is actively working on every bug that gets reported and has been from the beginning and has never once left us in the dark like other developer do.

You may think that your issues are not being addressed but that is because you are one of a million voices shouting for an answer and demanding a reply now.

Con? If what you said is true than I’m sure Funcom will deliver eventually but until they come out and say NO you can’t really assume they are conning anyone because you can’t logically make that leap off of a response time.

Getting back to indie development tactics, you can say whatever you want to try and justify your argument the facts remain the same. If you enjoy the content provided so far minus the bugs you do what you can respectfully given the media provided to help improve the game which aids in an increased revenue at Funcom and the future growth which will lead to triple A behaviors including paid thorough testing (which we will still btch about because we are gamers and it must be perfect or hear me roar! lol).

Cut them some slack dude. Ask for your content and be patient :slight_smile:

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July 4:

Everyone who joins the test and reaches at least level 25 will be eligible to receive the next DLC for free. After the event, please send an e-mail to and include your server and character name. If you meet the requirements, we will e-mail you back a DLC key when the DLC launches in early August.

August 2:

Players who participated in the Testlive event and are eligible for a free DLC key will be sent a key via email later today. Remember to check your spam folder!

Been trying to get if for almost a year…
Qualified and beyond level 25,
Spam folder checked, lol

I’ve tried that email with no response many many times. Its really not worth anymore effort. It will go on sale on Steam for 5 bucks soon. I will just buy it. Its just the point of not answering your customers for nearly a year. Thanks

Yup he tested the content and then never received it I was there . Funcom did not respond then we both took a long break from the game. Started new toons on a new server and now he would like his content. You got a problem with that?

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I’m not surprised one little bit. I had to hound them to get an item I paid real cash for when I bought the Barbarian Edition. And here we are a year post official release and the game still crashes, glitches, and stutters…etc. etc. It just crashed on me tonight when I was putzin’ around.
I don’t even know why I still check these forums. I guess there’s a small part of my brain that still hopes they’ll square everything away in the game some day.
So it’s not just about getting what was promised, it’s also about people getting what they paid for…a solid game with little to no issues.

I really hate adding salt to the wound, and your comment sounds aggressive, but I completely feel you and I agree. People straight up assume your friend or whoever else in this case didn’t take the required steps and start the apologetic excuses sometimes.

It is however a byproduct of so many other players out there that actually do not take the steps provided as well and people are ready to assume the worst. Be that as it may, I’ve been on the receiving end of similar examples in other games.

My response was the same. “I done said steps at the time, I was eligible or whatever else, devs did not respond, I dropped it because I couldn’t be bothered anymore, and I came back 100 years later… Whats it to you when I come back or not? I gots a real life too and what difference does it make?” :smile:

Completely feel you. Like it makes any difference.

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I’m with you, but this is not possible. Even AAA devs have issues. Little to no issues is not realistic. And no, it is not the state of modern game development “not being what it used to be” and whatever else people say. It comes down to games are a lot harder to make, plain and simple, and the “variables” of things that can go wrong just keep increasing over time.

I make silly small games and still have to deal with idiot issues that the engine itself drops on my lap. Sometimes I’m dumbfounded because I am no programmer and I didn’t make the engine. If I was, I wouldn’t opt to use a ready engine, I’d make my own :smiley:

And yet, I still get it. Not everything can be accounted for.

The game has come a long way. On my end, I am already on the “little issues” end so I am already experiencing what you propose. Every now and then, it becomes “larger issues”, but, really its on a good level for most development I’ve seen out there, including compared to AAA. For indies, they are doing a great job guys.

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Nice to see you again! Funcom has always come through for me, but during the recent Building Contest I submitted my screenshot with the wrong subject line. I noticed this early enough to send another copy of the email. It’s a great idea to look back in “sent” to the time of the contest and forward, or resend the email so that the timeline is preserved. I received the DLC for this, as did several of my friends. Good luck.

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I understand that you’re speaking from your experiences. I’ve been playing games on computers for over 18 years and online for 16 or 17 of those years, have owned well over 100 games in that time made by the biggest and smallest developers, and in all those games I can count on one hand how many games I have had issues with beyond a few months post release. Conan Exiles is sadly one of them. Ergo, I have to disagree with your opening statement.

Based on my gaming experience over those 18 years, little to no issues is very realistic and I’ve got two Steam libraries full of examples from old to new made by a wide variety of devs. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I have to go by my hands-on experience. I feel Funcom needs to do better based on that experience.

Are we doing this now man? Come on now man, why? Did it have to go there?

Ok, I’ve been playing games for over 30 years. Owned over 90 titles on the first Xbox alone, and that was my 4th console or something in line at the time (I can’t even remember which PC I was up to) and starting all the way back from Doom and more memorably for me Doom 2 and the Sega Mastersystem and Nintendo era. Is that what it takes to back up an argument? I’ve probably played over 1k games by this point. No joke.

You are taking things out of context first of all, as I also mentioned “and the “variables” of things that can go wrong just keep increasing over time.” Also, its an indie developer.

A handful? I can think of a handful of games that have issues that are installed on my PC right now.
Warframe, Path of Exile (more steady on the bug side this one, but definitely under-optimised and the servers are abysmal). Skyrim has issues even to this day even with its Special Edition release and even with a community mod to fix issues. Black Desert Online, and hey remember Mass Effect Andromeda? Wait, looking at my shelf at a few other older titles, Rage is one. From what is arguably one of the lead developers in fps games (and before the “supergenious” Carmack left them), there is a total war title there too, Shogun 2. And don’t get me started on that other box my eye caught a glimpse of, with X rebirth, that took close to a year to fix.

You were saying? And I got several others I won’t even bother to mention since I expect the argument of “those aren’t big developers” perhaps. Which, in either case, same can be said for Funcom.

And those are the ones I just stumbled on while writing this post. Oh, which made me remember with your “beyond a few months post release”… Memba World of Warcraft? Yeah that was buggy as hell for more than a few months. Unless a few months is anything over 6 to 8 months. Destiny 2 as well, less on the buggy side as much as the no content side, but it had its fair share as well.

I remember a few other titles too that had a stumbling period on launch and the ones that got over it relatively fast were only large developers. Some, not even then.

Don’t even get me started on Anthem. That game is a bad example, the team had over 5 years to work on it and ended up actually developing for like 16months in the end.

I am sure I can think of more the more I sit here and try to do so. But I think you get the idea.

Hell, even most Assassins Creed titles have bugs, and that is a critically acclaimed franchise that is practically just adding to the same code by this point… Edited just to drop that in there too now that I remembered it. Im going to stop now, cause I already thought of more, and I will keep making this post too long for anyone to read.

just do a google search for buggy games man. that alone will change your mind :rofl:
many took a lot more than “a few months” to fix. Some, not at all.

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