Funcom, you promised players sacrifices and castration. Now is the time! Let's discuss that!

I found this answer to AMA from six years ago where Funcom discusses players sacrifices.

be able to drag players back to your altars and sacrifice them for a massive boost

Now that we have sacrificial stone, sacrifice mechanics and boost that we get from sacrificial rituals it’s time to bring what you promised. We have everything that we need for that in the game already. Just make it happen!

In addition we really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point…castration.

Pretty please! What’s the status on these features?

Let’s discuss what benefits a player could get from sacrificing other players? I already imagine that the player remains unconscious for a certain amount of time, and then he should be able to free himself. And it should depend on how much strength and agility the character has, and how well the player pushes certain buttons. It should also depend on the equipment the attacking player uses. The better the rope, the harder it should be to free oneself.

As for castration… It would be a good souvenir to collect and maybe use for some alchemical recipes?



Care to elaborate?



Fix the game before adding more pls


I’m sorry but what would you call what they did to Teimos? Seems like a textbook definition of castration. :slight_smile:


Imagine the implications on a PVP server.

Sign in, and get immediately greeted with the message “You have been castrated by Soandso”

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Most of the players select female chars. No chance for castration!


Breast Reductions? -.-

If you reread that blurb from FC it says “we would like” and “maybe” I don’t see “promise” anywhere except in your interpretation.

Sure those things would be welcomed by some, but it was never “promised”


oh god bringing some more new infinite bugs? No thank you.

Well… he already had a turtle lol

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Soo the issue here is this they got bought up by tencent and gore isnt something that chinese invester wants … so no on that.

So, you wanna string them on a necklace and wear around your neck?


Would be awesome!

I think OP just wants to play dead by daylight…
quicktime events to wiggle and free yourself… bleh… lol

What if the player does not wish to be sacrificed and removes their bracelet because you’re taking up valuable time from their gameplay by dragging them around on some silly rope for no particular reason other than to further fuel your sense of control over others and the general toxicity on pvp servers? :stuck_out_tongue:
Just wondering…


I’m down for more sacrificial ceremonies but torture and mutilation? Nah, there are enough ERP servers into that stuff.

Hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what gameplay like this is for. To be bigger jerks towards other players in PvP.

Castration is dumb anyways. Not like there would be any kind of visual change on the player that got castrated, and if player’s really wanna touch balls that badly.

then this is where they should be.

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Limited time to imprison and torture players would be funny. + Functional cages

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If a player don’t want to wait and want to make attempts to free themselves, they may simply remove the bracelet. I don’t see a problem here. You lose your stuff either way, but while alive you still have a chance to escape.