Funcom you will win a lot with that, i mean a loOt


If we’r here it’s because we do <3 AO, i mean 20 years + and still playing ^^
What else ?

Well, some :

  • Please bring back sl00b account for 5€ ish
    It’ll give you a lot of money guys, lot of people’ll do the move from fr00b to sl00b

  • I’m not gona say anything about the monthly price, too many topics about it … but :frowning:

Just think about that : Add a lot of stuff in your ingame shop, add what you want as long as it’s just social ish.
I dunno super Manexx looking armor, hyper pink jet pack, flying Norwegian omelette we don’t care.
Setup the price you want even crazy 50, 100€
It’ll be good for you and good for the people who can afford it and for those who can’t it’s ok because if you win more money it means AO will stay up for many more years and that’s what we all want / hope.

So with that in mind, if you win more money, then maybe you’ll lower a bit the monthly, so more people’ll come… maybe maybe … just try ! Do something !

  • Allow fr00bs to use gmi for at least 5 use per week or something around that, with selling price limitation i dunno, you got the point.

  • Ao is till runing and that’s all we need, but … Subway, To3w, Foreman for lvl 200 players ? :slight_smile: yummy

Lot of others “i want that i want this” but yeah the sl00b acc i dream about it.

Take care Rubi Ka and thank you to everyone who makes this possible