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Crashests game Ever! I just crashed 7 times in a row. Don’t worry they will fix it in the next patch. Yeah right everytime they fix it, it still crashes. #fixyourgamefirst Maybe fix the basic gameplay first before adding more bug filled content.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Are you crashing within 5 - 20 secs after actually getting online?

If so play start single mode and select offline mode. Let it run for 3-5 minutes.

Is it crashing after an hour of play? The xbox version has a memory issue and will crash every hour or so. They are aware and are working on it.

Are you crashing when the game is booting up? You need to clear your cache, by doing a hard reset or once the xbox has fully booted, go to xbox power settings and select full shutdown.

There are “work arounds” to the xbox version of the game and its crashing issues, but more info from you is needed.


Wow. DukeBooster! That was a very well-articulated post.
For me, the crashing happens under both conditions, even after the latest patch. Yesterday, I played like a fiend, and it didn’t manage to crash at all for, like, two, solid hours. Today, it crashed after 15 mins. Three days ago, I had it crash just after the game started.

Generally, I make it a point to work on my base for a while before journeying out into the wasteland, just to see what kind of crashy mood the game is. I work in IT, so I am personally familiar with the reboots-solve-all-issues concept. Not sure about anyone else, but my Xbox controllers always flake out after a few of days (Bluetooth sux), and would stop syncing. I found that reboots solve that issue, so I am a chronic rebooter.


I’d like to follow up on some of the points from @DukeBooter.

Crashing within seconds after the game has loaded and you are in control of you character.
I have built tons of various tier structures and objects on top of a mountain in single player.
When I get the login crash I go to this spot, walk around a bit, and then go online again.
I also use this spot to test out stuff like stability.

Clearing the cache on the Xbox.
I consistently quit games using the context menu when I’m done gaming.
So when I start it up again it doesn’t resume from last time.
When I’m done gaming for the day, or experience issues, I clear the cache using the System > Power settings instead of just holding down the power button.
I use the system option to shut down because it takes a few seconds, and I’ve read somewhere that you shouldn’t instantly shut down the Xbox after a crash to dashboard or if you’re game is still running in the background.
There might be some garbage collection/IO operations going on, so I do it this way to be on the safe side.
I never unplug the power supply though.

External drives
I have the standard drive for the Xbox One X where apps are stored.
For games I use an external SSD and for recording I use a tiny USB thumbdrive.
The external SSD is a HUGE improvement to any game.
Don’t think thumbdrive does that much for performance, but these things are so affordable and fast now so I opted to do this anyways.
It also makes it easy to transfer screenshots/videos to your computer, and you can record longer videos.

All of these things have given me a pretty smooth experience.
I hardly had any of the crashing issues in single player, but do have the occasional login crash online, which always is solved loading my single player game and going to my Mountain of Assets.
I have never crashed after a long gaming session, only login crash.

I use the elite controller and never had connectivity issues.


As of today, I have restarted the console through the system three times, tried to play, and watched it crash after 30 seconds. I fully restarted the console, moved the game to my external drive, and restarted the console again. The game is consistently crashing about 30 seconds after logging in regardless of any methods attempted.

This is on official server 2585.


Have you tried starting a single player game in offline mode? If not, fire it up, select offline mode, and let it run for 3-5 minutes. Then without closing CE or restarting your xbox, start your online game.

I hope that helps.


I just tried the offline mode work-around today to limited effect. I hadn’t tried offline before, so I started a new game and lingered around for a while on the Broken Highway area before changing back to PVE on server 2585. Game lasted about 30 minutes before getting crashy.

Guess this means that my hopes of fixes now rest on FunCom competence in completing the performance/stability known issues patch fixes and getting them implemented. #Yoghelpusall #F##kinghurry


Another thing you can try while in offline mode is building one of each building placeable tier 1 - 3 through the admin panel. Also drop one of each work station all very close to your spawn point. Once this is done, before you start online mode, run the offline mode for a few minutes. Then hop over to online mode.

Reasoning is, preload all the common placeables people would use in the game into your cache. This might help squeeze a bit more time out before you inevitably crash.

I’m on a official pve server and I get between 1 - 1.5 hours before i crash… sometimes more… more than likely less.

Also I saw it mentioned a while back someone said try clearing your blu ray player"s “persistent data” (I think that’s what its called)… and even move every single game off your internal hdd, to your external (that’s what I do). Also I dropped my resolution to 720… I dont know if that helps but every little thing might with this game till its properly optimized for the xbox…