Funcom, you've over-nerfed

This is the reason my dear friend @Caffeine I ask only for the bear ghost, imagine that I don’t play only on servers, I play solo too. Plus in the 2 servers that I play they are American and I am from Greece. That means that the one server is restarting at 12:00 and the other at 15:00. Every single time I am solo at the server. I have always a routine gathering fishes and filling thrall pots with food, or gathering the materials I put in working benches and placing them to their chests,for about 30 min I spin around my house doing several things. Still I am always solo at theese times. The bear chest never opened for me, never. That’s why I ask if I am doing something wrong :wink:.

Here’s my two cents:

  • Dodging - speed & distance nerfed (making heavy armor the ONLY armor) Agree
  • Food healing nerfed. Replaced with ‘Sated’ - I think it was too op to heal like that, now pvp fights wont take forever or until out of food, you have to plan battles more
  • Passive healing nerfed. ‘Soothing’ buff removed Same
  • Purge Thralls no longer mean anything, destroying people’s efforts. (the workstation ones) Agree to some extent but it had to be done, you can’t lock BASIC content behind purge thralls which are so RARE especially in game where you can lose everything in one raid BUT i think they should give special rewards for purges, something special and worth it.
  • Fish traps nerf Agree to some extent, now fishing is just annyoing and forces too much management but it was not good earlier either, it was stupid that you just had to put traps and that’s it - it hurted server performance like A LOT
  • Nerfing some attributes, while failing to fix others. Agree
  • Constant weapon nerfs (Yog’s Touch / Lifeblood spear / Maelstrom Light / Healing Waterskin / ect ect ect…) I don’t have opinion about that
  • Revamping of the crafting system, making people redo everything and creating more clutter. Yes it needs revamp, feature system is just annoying and also we need better management like categories etc.
  • Flawless prefix removed from equipment, without a replacement identifier (can’t tell bonuses without equipping it) Agree, instead of improvement we got downgrade, yet old flasless are still in game making even more mess…
  • Classic Thralls that don’t level, replaced with New Thralls that level. New Thralls more powerful, at first. New Thralls get nerfed back to Classic Thralls HPs. Now we have Classic Thralls that we have to level. (That’s just mean, Funcom) ?
  • Nemedian helmet and Godbreaker Boots will no longer repair (upcoming nerf ) Agree, those items were special, i wish there was more special items like that. Don’t know the reason they did it, it’s not like it was so op to repair items by putting it on thrall, getting legendary kits is easy anyway (weapon drops at unnamed, t4 armorer for armor)

Those Items will not be removed, hell yes to more “special” items. By adding some “pvp orientated” Items might even break the horse meta, something like “immune to crit”, “immune to knockdown”…knockdown might be a bit much :slight_smile:

Those Items can be left like they are a now in my opinion, just have them disabled for thralls… a change is coming though, i wait to see what they come up with :frowning:

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About this…
They don’t play their game(s)
I believe that you mean that they don’t play pvp :wink:.
I have watched several videos on YouTube presentations and it seemed to me that they did.
On the horse presentation it was Eric, Nicole and Andy. Well, they didn’t seemed to me noobs :joy::joy:. Scott Junior, in another video with Nicole (and their pets) said that he loves to play on RP servers.
You will say that nothing of these proves that they play the game, still I think that they do, but I don’t think the persons I just mention play pvp. Not because they wouldn’t like to but we all know how demanding pvp is, you must log in every day and spend a lot of hours. If I worked in a gaming company, I wouldn’t be relaxed by the most demanding game of my company :wink:.

The game has been too easy for FAR TOO long. It isn’t about how much someone plays. It is about skill and intellect. Some got it. Some don’t. Some enjoy a challenging game. Some don’t.

Fun is subjective. Some think easy games are fun. Others think easy games are BORING. Depends on the person. Great thing about Exiles is that people that cannot hack it can go to one of the plethora of private servers that dumb the game down for them.

All great balance changes. In fact I think they didn’t go far enough.

Not true. Purge thralls still give higher crafting speeds than other thralls. So YES, purge thralls STILL mean something.

Another good balance change. Passively getting an infinite amount of fish was ridiculous. Also this change reduced much of the fish trap spam which is healthy for server performance.

Again more great balance changes. You want that highly efficient production line? Yep you gotta pay for it. And the new stations are great for aesthetics too.

This is just pure winging for the sake of it… Just equip the armor and look at your stats… geez…

One sided argument. Thralls had stats nerfed BECAUSE their AI was finally upgraded. So yes when their AI was improved, they were totally overpowered and needed to be brought in balance. And to say the new thralls have the same HP as the old classic thralls is simply NOT true. Stop exaggerating. I am still rocking pets and thralls with 10k to 20k HP which was NEVER possible with classic system.

Good. Those items are far too easy to acquire for how powerful they are and negate the need for repair kits.

Only to some people. These changes and more have brought people like me back to the game.

Funcom needs to stick to their guns. They are finally getting things right with the balance of this game.

They do.

Im just going to rofl After this. Sorry but the intelect mention Made my day. Thank you.

The game is and it really is however you want it to be. I’m freaking Conan im the game, everything is easy for me…to bad the whores are not there too…

PS: Again this guy with “game is to easy”.


How about fixing stuff instead of listening to players like you. This to easy, this is to overpowered, this needs to go because of being OP. All this time the devs time is spend in the wrong places.

You need to understand wikkyd, pvp is slowly dissapearing and only because the devs focus is set on to please a certain category of players( pvp or pve) instead of fixing the game itself for all of us.

Edit forgot to add cheaters and that they have been here from the start…they are still here only because the devs are pushing new content(maybe for longevity…maybe requested to do so) instead of Getting rid of cheating…

Tear apart the dudes Post as much as you want, we all know who you are in here, but that does not mean you are right.

Fun is everything about gaming, if you take it differently then you are just another “wannabe” with very low chances of success.


Summer sums it up

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Amen, stop nerfing the D game and fix the bugs. A lot of the dun has been drained from the game with these changes.


Well, catering to people like you has turned the official servers into a barren wasteland.

Would you say that it is everybody else’s fault for not enjoying the game the way YOU think it should be played?


I was able to open most of the ghost-related chests, but just like you I am unable to open the chest the bear leads you to.

Another chest I have problems with is one that sits on top of a natural stone column, two ghosts on another(!) stone column point to it, but I was never fast enough to get to that chest. And another person on the column with the chest does not even see it when the ghosts appear on their own column. Given that the contents of that chest are probably not that great, I have been reluctant to build a bridge between the columns, the effort is probably not worth it.


Really? So the balance changes are making them play private servers over official? Is that what you are saying? Or you saying they are just quitting entirely?

Before you answer, the latter hasn’t been true. Just a hint.

If it’s the chest to the far west of the map, than it would be wasted time. I opened it, an it’s just a standard chest. Like all ghost chests I found in the game so far…
They are just the fun you have, when finding an easter egg in the game :wink:

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@Talyna It is as you said, the loot that you’re going to get according the location is nothing, still… Imagine that you are a veteran player and you restart either pve or pvp in a new server. Knowing the location of these chests can help you really fast to gain an iron or steel weapon and tool. Name me one veteran player that he ain’t gonna visit sepermeru at the beginning to gain his first light armor, or thick leather and steel? This visit will probably give you 2 or 3 levels, because you find items there that gives you journey steps :wink:. The most basic reason i ask however is because through conversations i can understand if this chest is bugged to be reported. The importance is low, i agree, still the game designers need to know and act as they wish.

@Starwalker it is as you said, to this chest you need to be really fast, or be sure that someone else didn’t farm it before you do in a short period of time ofcurse :wink:.


After patch nobody want play their games

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First of all, good for you that Funcom is making the game into something that you enjoy.
A lot of players have a different view on that. But I am sure Funcom is grateful to have pleased you, now that player numbers are stabilizing at half of what they were at Siptah release and still a bit lower than during the summer break time :smiley:
One thing I would like to point out is, you are complaining about the game being too easy (to which I agree), but are mistaking grind with difficulty.
The game has not gotten more difficult, it has become far more grindy and therefore less rewarding, as it doesn’t give you the sense of achievement for completing something but throws endless chores on you.
If that floats your boat, good for you. I probably will wait for the next 2-3 patches, but feel i am on my way out, as the changes strongly disagree with my personal definition of “this is fun”


Yeah there’s huge difference between difficulty and grind, now it’s just grindy - there’s no real challenge.


I think if servers are empty, it’s more probably caused by the performance issues than nerfs.

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I would totally agree on this.
I can deal with the constant nerfs, but the new issues with lag, rubber banding, pausing, and freezing is just a bit too much. Even before I bought a better PC, I did not have these issues.
Yet today with a gaming PC and a top end video card, I have rubber banding, running in air issues, and graphics lag.
And yes, it started around the time that FC live services were introduced. This was just a very poor idea by FC and has caused more people to quit than any hack or nerf.