Funcom, you've over-nerfed

Your coffee analogy is terrible. It’s the exact opposite of what is happening. Everyone knows what coffee is and what to expect. It doesn’t just POOF turn into Mountain Dew one day.

If you were going to apply your coffee analogy to Funcom, it would be like going to Starbucks to order a hot, bitter, keep-you-awake coffee and getting a Cement Mixer instead.

And when you complain that this is not what you paid for, you get told that this is a survival coffee stand and survival coffee stands are based on challenge.

“But,” you exclaim, “I only drink coffee for fun!”
“Fun is objective,” the barista says as she lines up shots in front of you.

Meanwhile, you look across the street and see people lining up to buy regular coffee at a private coffee stand. When you point at Private Server Coffee that sells coffee instead of shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream & lime juice, the barista tells you that people only go there because of the lag.


funny seeing you talking about coffee with that name :^)


I don’t think one hitting any player on pvp is well balanced. It doens’t give any kind of counter play. So it’s not healthy for any game…
Besides this, you try to defend funcom on every post you make, no matter what is.

Anyway i’m going to point some of my perspetive.

1- the recent changes to healing changed the whole pvp/pve. Ppl shouldn’t be complaining if this system was there since the beginning.
This change alone was another great step to remove or reduce the pvp skillplay. It’s now really really hard for a good veteran player to fight against 2 average players, so horse zerg is the winning fight strategy.
They are trying to make a dark souls like combat since the launch, but it still need some tweaking.
For example people surviving more than 1 or 2 hits, ambrosia playing healing animation like other potions and etc…

2- the constant changes to pvp are meaningless if they doesn’t balance it. We had a spear and light armor meta and now we have a horse and heavy armor meta… They should make all options acceptable. But now everything besides heavy armor + horse + lance / or / heavy armor + axe + handaxe to fight on ground are suboptimal. Even after the yog’s touch nerf.

3- i must agree with you at this point. Thralls are better now… They have a slightly better a.i, level system which are fun and they can still become powerful (not the same as a few monthes ago, but it’s more balanced now).
Some thralls had a hidden damage multiplier of 4x, now the maximum is 2.xx . and the food stack bug is fixed, so no more god thralls to 1 hit everything.

4- most of purge thralls are meaningless now because most of the benches don’t get any craft speed from npc anymore… And normal t4 crafters, have the same recipes as t5.

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He does not defend Funcom, he just defends his “game is to easy” ideea, basicly Nerfs, armor/weapon changes, changes to Items that make this game special, any change that makes the game feel even more grindy instead of being fun.

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I meant that all posts on various threads that he enters, are always defending funcom no matter what.

I can say that they made a beautiful game, with a great idea and a really good story, especially because it is a survival where people don’t usually care much for the story, but even so the story of conan exile is very good and connects perfectly with the Conan settings.
And all this with a team and probably a much smaller budget than the big AAA games.

Bugs are expected in any game, especially in the open world and even more so when you have PvP. And because of the competition, players will explore until the last bug that exists.

From my perspective, the biggest problems I see from Funcom with the game Conan Exiles and from what I’ve heard, with other titles as well:

1- The delay in fixing game-breaking bugs that have already been hard exposed in the community. Some are ridiculous and easy to fix and they take months, even though the bug has been reported numerous times, there are videos on youtube and so on.

  • they should take into consideration that the loss in that game is something harmful. Players spend weeks, months collecting resources, building, learning, etc., to suddenly lose everything in 1 day due to a simple bug.
    ** Ex: The last full 50 / server crash bug, had already been reported about 2 months ago … there are videos on youtube with that same age and the bug was only partially fixed last week.
    *** Ex2: Whoever plays this game on the console, still lives with absurd bugs that have been fixed for months on the PC, such as the food stack in the thralls.
    Can you imagine starting to play the game now and notice this neglect?

2- The difficulty that designers have in having a defined focus on what they want from the game and creating an appropriate balance.
When I speak of proper balancing, several questions arise:

  • Balancing pvp: different weapons should be useful, following different purposes, as well as armors.
  • Instakilling someone shouldn’t happen if both ppl are using end-game build/gear, does not allow counter-play, which makes the game a frustrating experience for any kind of player (imagine you farm your legendary weapons, armors for days and them comes a knight and kills you with only 1 hit you.
  • When the community begins to complain about something unbalanced, funcom’s tendency has always been to nerf a certain item or style to the ground, instead of trying to bring everyone to the same level.
  • Added mounts that completely changed PvP and shortly thereafter due to the PvE mode, they allowed the player to walk with a thrall next to the mount, which caused it to unbalance PvP even more.
    The game used to be much more based on skillplay, perseverance and hours of play than zerg and gear check as it is today.
    This from the point of view of the game design is very negative … even beginners complain about it.

3- The third problem I would say was the neglect with the official servers, which despite being the gateway for new players, were nobody’s territories, without laws. Nowadays this has been changing very fast, so congratulations (I myself have been banned for using bug).
I imagine that this intervention is laborious and requires a lot of attention to check each report.

4- And finally, the extreme lack of clarity and the various stealth changes that happen in the updates.
For example in the last Update (01-06-2021) they did not list anywhere and even before that, the devs / comm managers had said that some changes were not planned and etc.
and yet SEVERAL weapons were nerfed, penetration oil was nerfed, as well as spiked fitting as well as other things. all of this without even having documentation about it.

*** Honorable mention (This complaint does not have as much impact as the previous ones, but it could still be something to be worked on)
The lack of clarity about some ingame information like:

  • The damage multipliers of weapon combos (which makes it difficult for players to know the true impact of their weapons in combat).
  • Thrall hidden damage multipliers
  • And several other small pieces of information that you can’t get anywhere except through DevKit.

I’ll bite - from a PVE perspective:

  • Dodging - speed & distance nerfed (making heavy armor the ONLY armor)
    I got used to it, in some ways I do like it better. I’ve changed how I manage my combat now. The iframes work most of the time, but I do feel like there are some animations that seem to last longer than the time alloted for the iframe. I take damage from the scorpion boss every time the tail swings around. So I’m not entirely sure the dodge works exactly how it was intended. It would be nice if damage was mitigated while in a dodge - someone can correct me if this is done at some level. With the stam changes, maybe heavy armor isn’t the only armor anymore?

  • Food healing nerfed. Replaced with ‘Sated’
    Sated works fine - again I had to change your combat tactics and I keep potions on hand for those quick ‘oh shoot’ moments when you need a big heal quick. Managing your iframe dodge, wait to counter when they finish a combo, and cheesing out the AI by strafing all their attacks helps a ton. Thralls do most of the work, so this hasn’t really affected me other than not relying on constant big heals from food

  • Passive healing nerfed. ‘Soothing’ buff removed
    This would be nice to have back, but it was a novelty more than anything else since it wasn’t that strong - but considering your entertainment thralls are going to be at a base, it would be a nice quick heal or extra bit of buff when you are defending.

  • Purge Thralls no longer mean anything, destroying people’s efforts. (the workstation ones)
    Not too happy about this, but I mean, thralls are already OP and a basic t4 thrall can carry all content, and it has made it easier to play the game from my stand point. I’ve already gone through the collection process and have my legacy thralls, so I’m glad I experienced that part of the game… and now it’s just a game of getting the best perks gambling casino. I do find the random perks deeply frustrating though, even though I’m slogging through it over and over and over again. Pretty sure it’s a game I can’t win at though.

  • Fish traps nerf
    oil and ichor is still easy enough to come by. Fish are basically useless leveling an archery thrall.

  • Nerfing some attributes, while failing to fix others.
    Yeah, would like to see some of this revamped. Would be nice if warpaints weren’t terrible either.

  • Constant weapon nerfs (Yog’s Touch / Lifeblood spear / Maelstrom Light / Healing Waterskin / ect ect ect…)
    Yeah, also crafted weapons tend to have their ups and downs. Depending on when certain weaons were crafted they could have amazing or terrible stats. Whirlwind Blades can be anywhere from 59 damage to 46 damage with master fittings. Not sure why weapons like this take a hit this drastically.

  • Revamping of the crafting system, making people redo everything and creating more clutter.
    I like it. Then again I’m on PVE and I can basically have them out in the open and not worry about protecting them.

  • Flawless prefix removed from equipment, without a replacement identifier (can’t tell bonuses without equipping it)
    Can’ argue here - also the icons for what the crafting thralls were confusing at first. I think a tooltip on the thrall themselves would help out. Like what’s the difference between and edge smith and a blade smith. Also once they are broken in, they no longer display text that says edge smith or blade smith so somehow you have to connect that the icons mean one vs. another without any direction. Lots of trial an error. You have to rely on a wiki or do some experiment. Would be nice to know somehow easily. I feel like the icons was suppose to be that bridge but it was executed in a weird way.

  • Classic Thralls that don’t level, replaced with New Thralls that level. New Thralls more powerful, at first. New Thralls get nerfed back to Classic Thralls HPs. Now we have Classic Thralls that we have to level. (That’s just mean, Funcom)
    *Not sure I agree with this. I have legacy captains sitting around 4950 or something and I have leveled captains with 10K HP. Same with Relic Hunters. They are just world better than legacy thralls. I keep my legacy thralls for aesthetics *

Overall I agree the nerf stick is brought out all too frequently. Maybe a way to fix light armor vs heavy armor is to give extra useful stats to light armor? Would be nice to have a choice on perks vs damage mitigation. Khari Armor does this to a degree that I find useful and fun. Meaningful choices will always be a better solution than nerfing items (therefore making a new OP meta) or RNG systems, like perks. Would be cool if you got to help drive your thralls training and leveling them down a tree and working towards a signature move or weapon specialty. Maybe choices involved add more dmg but may mean less armor, or more health may mean less strength, etc.


I totally agree on stats vs damage mitigation. The subtle difference to rolling is not enough to overcome the difference as is now. Perhaps it is in pvp for some, but there are a lot of pve players out there that get enslaved to the heavy.

@Dysco7, To be honest for me heavy armor is almost permanent for me after lvl 60. Almost.
Being lower lvl, trying to climb the lvls light armor is my armor. Before, Argos dlc my greatest goal was to find Mr Banaru(or something like that), the darfari armorer, because i desperately needed the flawless light armor. Agility, vitality, grit, encumbrance and survival are my priorities, so if something left goes to strength, so i desperately needed the darfari armor :wink:. After Argos dlc, my life was easier. Light armor, always give you better movement, better dodge and you don’t need to remove armor for climbing. At lvl 60, you are a monster, you wear executioners hood and you have a monster thrall next to you, so you give your fights with less dodge and runaway :joy::joy::joy:. But if you play full encumbrance(god breaker boots, executioner hood) and you already wear 2 pieces of heavy armor, why should you wear the other pieces light or medium, it makes no sense? But heavy armor is not the only armor and it never was.

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People, get this into your thick skulls: EVERY PVP player is also a PVE player. Every PvP player does the stuff that PvE players do too: farm stones/wood/whatever, build bases and do dungeons.


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My understanding tho is pvp still has its light adherents for “reasons”. Perhaps a player who does it can speak up and point out the benefits.

I use primarily Light Armor in PVE. I just put 20 points in AGI which seems to be where the soft cap is. It doesn’t feel like much until you roll next to someone with 0 or 10 AGI, Then you see the big difference.

But I’ve never used roll dodge (since its change from the old roll) as the primary means of avoiding damage. I’ve used sprint for that. Or some combination of sprint and dodge.

Very good point. PVP doesn’t magically have players running around that you smack like piñatas for stone and iron. And they still do bosses. PVP is just another layer on the PVE side of things.

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Light armor is the only good way to get away from spear attacks, which is still the primary weapon to use in normal, open PvP.

Also roll and poke. You got hit? Roll and almost immediatly counter poke. You can’t do that with heavy armor. Light armor will always be faster before you can hit out of your roll in heavy.

You can clearly see this in this video (~1:20):

Heavy armor is usually used in base defence. Because it drastically reduces damage bombs do to you. Also in tight areas (1x1 foundations, for example on a repair ring of a base), you can trade with light armor players, because it mostly boils down to spamming combos.

light armor is better for open fights like you said.
But the actual meta is still horses… so if you go outside wearing light armor, a knight may kill you pretty fast…
and if you try to fight mounted wearing light armor:
1- it’s not optimal and doesn’t make sense
2- you will get instakilled much easier

so… while defedind bases on tight places where combo spam are better, wearing heavy armor is better, but in open places where you can use horses, heavy armor is better too…
light armor is better on private server that prevent the use of horses/ have modded combat or when you are fighting in arena.

Btw, this last update, they made medium armor stamina regen the best one when you have medium to over-encumbrance.

i really like heavy armors appearence, but i miss the darfari armor days =(

A game should be fun period. If it isn’t then it starts to die. I still like Conan exiles but I do feel a lot of the fun has been taken out of the game…and a lot of content…i also feel like being a “god” is a good thing at late stages of a game. I do feel like if someone is able and willing to put massive hours in the game it is ordinary and standard for them to be able to acquire more and be able to be more equipped to defeat newer players…trying to be fair sort of ruins the experience. The thrall system for instance was unique in the old days and created an economy on Conan which is now gone completely. The grind to level a most likely crap thrall is annoying and in general Funcom has taken a lot of the economy aspects out of Conan to the point that it is collapsed. Not being able to find good info on the current game is also a huge problem for new players. They totally changed the game and now I see so many people confused with no good way to Google info. In general imo while I like certain aspects of the changes to Conan in the last year, Funcom has screwed the pooch.

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See, I disagree with you about their being god tier stuff, most people should have a chance. Super overpowered weapons are annoying. That being said, I do think the CONSTANT changes a killing the playerbase. A game that only has a small number of players to begin with (Cheaters and Exploiters saw to that) needs development that should probably focus less on continual, unwanted, changes to the core mechanics of the game and instead focus on fixing the many bugs that have plagued the game since its launch.

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I agree that heavy armor isn’t the only armor - but in current meta it is definitely the better option. The damage mitigation is just too good. Other than aesthetics, wearing non-heavy just makes you a lot squishier and less forgiving for mistakes/getting stuck in a corner with npc’s beating in you. Right now, there is no reason for me to wear light armor in the Wine Cellar for example. I could do it, but it isn’t efficient. When I started you could not dodge in heavy armor, you could only bunny hop back a bit. It made heavy armor something you really had to dedicate yourself to. Dodging around 10 meters at a time in light/medium was a more efficient meta at the time.

I guess my point is, light/medium right now is a novelty for me. But I do like the dual attributes of the Khari overseer armor which makes it extremely attractive for me to use over heavy for everyday use.

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Back then, heavy armor was so unpopular and the meta was light armor and a spear, the meta just changed radically.

We have things now that we didn’t have back then and makes the game better, they removed others that did the opposite, all in all, it’s a subjective matter.

Until i see all the changes they want to make and see the game from that point, not a mix between the old and new systems that doesn’t have any synergy i can’t give an opinion. I don’t mind the nerfing of items or the changes made to workstations or thralls, but i’m not attached to anything in this game as other players are, and for what i’ve seen in this forums, most of the time players come to complain when they feel that funcom took away from them something, happens all the time.

That’s true but also wrong, because both playstyles have different objectives, PvE tends to be more about relaxation and creativity, building beautiful places and exploring the world. PvP is about competition, if you don’t work that way you get wipped sooner or later. It’s all about getting the most advantage possible (reason why we have so many exploits and cheaters, but that’s something else).

But they are not separated, they share the same world, mechanics, systems and resources, used to different goals.


It has never opened for me or anyone on my server no matter how many times we have tried , its a bug , was reported like years ago and never fixed. So not you, its just another bug we have given up on ever being fixed.

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If i am not mistaken 13 months ago that i arrived in this forum you were already here​:wink:. Back then i was playing in a private pvp server. The admin was organizing several contests out of pvp and i was very interest about them so soon enough we became friends and i started to build for him and his server. My payment was to come with me, without thralls and do dungeons together. I was always a pve lover but i end up on pvp servers because the greatest percentage of pve players didn’t want to lay down their damn pick and play the game :disappointed:. Ofcurse i didn’t find anything better on pvp servers but the communication was better (speaking always until then). So as i told you to the beginning, me and admin gave a date at the new khari dungeon. So i build heavy, with silent legion armor, full vitality sword and shield. My plan was to tank. He went full strength and light armor build. Wr might have died in this dungeon until the final boss 5 times each :joy::joy::joy:. Well when we went finally to the final boss we decided to play naked, without armors. Guess what, we finished the fight so fast that we didn’t realize it. We say wtf, lets do again the dungeon naked. And we did it, we finished the dungeon so fast and we didn’t die just once. So, want it or not, the old dodge system was wrong. You had more possibilities to end red mama solo naked than with an armor and a thrall. I believe you know this too :wink:.

Thank you, i really appreciated this, i guess i will try by reporting it once more, thanks m8 :+1:.

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