Funcom's 25th Anniversary


Can you believe it? It’s been twenty-five years! We’ve been making games for a quarter of a century.

To celebrate this special anniversary we’ve put together a video giving you some highlights of our twenty-five year journey.

We’ve done pixel platformers on the Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis (including Pocahontas, Casper, and Winter Gold). We’ve done racing games such as Speed Freaks for the PlayStation 1 and Racing Impact for the SEGA Saturn. We’ve made three major PC massively multiplayer online games where we’ve pioneered new gameplay mechanics such as auto-generated dungeons (Anarchy Online), dynamic combat (Age of Conan), and investigation missions (Secret World Legends). We’ve done The Longest Journey, one of the most critically acclaimed adventure games of all time.

These days we’re finishing up Conan Exiles for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation, and we just announced that we are publishing Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Since those humble beginnings back in March of 1993, we’ve released over twenty-five games across a wide range of platforms. We’ve survived major shifts in the gaming industry and we’ve had to adapt to an ever-changing market. We’ve had our ups and we’ve had our downs. We’ve weathered many storms and we’ve earned our battle-scars.

A big thanks to everyone who have supported us through the years – we truly appreciate it and we would be nowhere without you.

Here’s to twenty-five more!

The Funcom Team