Funcoms biggest Lie

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area or preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof . These action include removing of structures and can also lead to bans. In extreme cases please use Exploit Hunters 45 to report these issues.

We have players blocking off stuff in game and Funcom does nothing Server 1941 New Asgard is walled off no Thralls can be taken out. some other little stuff like that but nothing like blocking out a whole city meant to be used by everyone


Did you hear of the really extreme things people pulled off?
Back when climbing wasnt a thing?
Complete servers being walled off, as some players walled off the complete newbie desert, for them not to reach the river?

I think that kind of stuff was meant.
Now if a clan walled off EVERY single thrall hunting ground, I guess that would be the same. I kind of fear that one place being walled off wont count for them…
Better work together preventing any attempt of walling off that other northern place, seperemu, black galleon and those two other spots in jungle. Plus of course the volcano…

Lemme be clear. I hate such people myself… (Who wall off stuff.)

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Bombs, orbs and trebuchets come to mind. Unite the server against these clowns and take them down!

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OP doesn’t say but it sounds like a pve server…yea people are a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s. …only thing I can say is use the elephants around there to destroy the walls,but that takes forever and they can build it back. I do believe funcom should step in and do something to deter these d.i.c.k.s from doing this crap…what should they do? I don’t know…3 strike policy or just straight up ban them…all I know is if someone did this on my server I would be pissed to.

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PVE Conflict, for everybody’s info.

There are solutions others have made, and a few I have offered over time. A popular suggested solution is a “driller” NPC who keeps pathways open, during Purge style events.

Immediately, Funcom could quickly change the building rules so that obvious concentric circle buildouts as in Asagarth are broken by simple tangential lines of “no build.” This no build already applies to Mounds of the Dead, and Sandward Tower. This is probably something that is part of an in-progress building zone pass, similar to a balance pass.

To the OP. Whenever I am faced with a Great Wall of Mongoria and wish to get around it without blowing it up, I do what PVPers all do: build a diving board.

  1. Build a simple tower near the wall
  2. Climb up that tower with another tower in inventory
  3. Take the Nestea Plunge and grab onto something
  4. Build another tower on the Asagarth side
  5. Install vertical elevators for convenience
  6. Attempt a solution for thralling
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You know what bothers me the most? That funcom sold +1.5 million copies of this game and yet they cannot find the budget to hire 1 maybe 2 people to hop on the servers where complaints are being logged, see the structures in question and decide to leave it or to ban the player and to destroy the structures when faced with the proof. And you know what the biggest joke is? They silently move all the posts in the ‘support’ forum(in which they never even replied in the first place) to ‘Players helping player’, lol, just lol. Just look at the dev tracker which they promoted so loudly for us to check out, the replies they give… The frequency… The topics they reply to…
Btw, I also play on PVE-C.


Let’s just be clear that as an early access player I heard over and over their stated goal was to leave Officials alone. Other than wipes, which we went through. In my opinion this was because the players demanded it. “Hands off” was better than the rep of many Privates, at the time.

As for the Support Forum, I make no warranty or explanation on anybody’s behalf but mine. I have run customer BB for people, clubs and businesses – and anything marked Support is commonly given more weight/implied warranty than simply “Help Section.” Especially since the intent of that Support section here was always users helping users, or player-to-player. No implied warranty, all rights reserved, offer may be void in Alaska. :smiley: Therefore first deprecating it to “Help Me” and now to “Players Helping Players” suits all needs.

Running Support is an art. Communicating Support effectively, legally, and without breaking more things in the process is a science. When a Support section can be staffed, I’m certain Funcom will implement one.

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Hi Barnes, you can defend it all you want. In your domain support might be an art, in my domain(IT) giving support to the users is an essential part of the business, communication about changes/fixes to the users is again essential. It is not a choice nor is it art or science. It is simply a job.

Now back OT: I can agree that they should ‘for the most part’ leave the servers alone, what I cannot agree with is that they should not have at least some people hopping on to the servers to tackle extreme cases. 1 person could easily resolve 10+ cases on a daily basis. I have seen numerous posts about extreme cases on the forum before, but it is not like they run into the thousands. Doing nothing, saying nothing is simply causing frustration amongst your users/customers, in this case we are both.

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This means supporting apps or hardware made by others. Your business is, apparently, support. Funcom’s business is creating software.

I don’t want one person being the arbiter on a case-by-case basis of what is acceptable on a server and what isn’t. If I did, I’d play on random popular Private servers. There has to be a better solution than throwing meat at it.

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I’m a developer, my business is creating software. In my business support is an essential part. You cannot develop software and not provide support to the users.

It is not rocket science to identify extreme cases of griefing, blocking posting racism on signs etc.


What part exactly do you not get? I’m talking about a small number of people going into the server in question and deal with the complaint. But yea, I know already… Everyone else can do it but not Funcom. When it comes to Funcom there is always an excuse that you come up with.

I could not have explained it in the case of Funcom any better myself, thing is… in the real world it is not.

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Finaly something we can agree upon :slight_smile:

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It has already been established that the Official Servers are not moderated.