Funcoms, you're running out of time



Same genre with different aspects, CE is more hardcore than F76, thus making the online Fallout being more causal friendly. One that enjoys survival can easily play both, but of course, if FC doesnt put enough love in CE, the playerbase will just fade away, and as we already know Bethesda, F76 wont have any problems maintaining a big population.


I’m excited for 76 but there are a lot of people that seem to forget that bugs are literally features of Bethesda games. Leaving one game for its bugs and moving to a Bethesda game instead is like being lactose intolerant and ditching sliced cheese for blocks of Velveeta instead.


That’s clever and all but I’ve never had it where the game constantly crashes on me with a Bethesda game. I’ve had buildings the size of what I have on CE and never had an issue on FO4. Mods included. I’ve seen Bethesda’s AIs do some wonky stuff, but never to the point where they stood there while I was hit and not defend. Or use their hands when they had weapons they could use. Except for Ian, that ■■■■.
Saying that “ya but the other guys bad too ya know!” bs takes away from what I’m saying. Glad you’re clever though. Enjoy a dead game while it lasts. If they don’t change the decay timer soon that itself will kill off the game.


I understand your point, but you gotta admit that CE has way too many bugs and malfunction features for a “release” version.

Not mentioning the polish, I know comparing polish from AAA title to a small company isnt fair, but Conan Exiles is as expensive as an AAA title so, we pay for what we want, and I expect quality for that price.


$40.00 for Steam. New AAA titles cost $60, minimum plus a season pass plus a bunch of other day 1 stuff that you shouldn’t have to pay for to unlock the full game. And if you are EA, then you give the choice of buying loot boxes to boot.

Yes, this costs $60.00 on console (covers console fees mostly as far as I know), and yes there are lots of issues. But AAA? No.


Skyrim, a single-player game, had bugs from Beta that were never fixed.
I think the difference between the Bethesda and Funcom is the consumer’s attitude. In Skyrim, players embraced the bugginess, made jokes about them, and kept on playing. In Funcom titles, players behave as if abusing Funcom and their employees was a part of the gaming experience.

A gaming friend could not play the game when they first purchased it as Fallout4 crashed each time he attempted to play. Each and Every time. He was not able to enjoy the game until he upgraded his rig. Some problems belong to the client not the game.

In Fallout 4, there is a limit to the number of pieces one can use to create buildings. It is not possible to build unchecked as a player can in Conan: Exiles. Bethesda realized their systems limitations and chose to limit the player rather than fix the instability issues that come with building large.


Not to mentiom that Bethesda has a considerably larger staff and resources. No company is perfect and these large open world survival games are hard to iron out. There is a reason they are ALL buggy.

The community team does their best to make sure that we are heard and our concerns addressed. The programmers are trying to fix the bugs and exploits and they want to keep this game going with more stuff for us. There are still teams making new stuff. For us who are still playing, let’s make sure to stay constructive in our criticism. It’s good to want a game we are passionate about better, it isn’t good to attack the people who are trying to do that. :slight_smile:


Take-Two Interactive. Rockstar Games. They have a whole subset of their internals tasked with Blue Circle Dupe Glitches in GTA V. One kind of glitch sustains a workforce over there.

When GTA V launched it had no multiplayer. That took about a year. Sometime after that they needed fluff, therefore more DL content, and so along came Executives and Other Criminals, in which Blue Circle was permanently introduced.

Conan Exiles, on the other hand, launched with a full multiplayer experience. And Funcom is smashing bugs, not making them into a cottage industry. It took GTA V almost 18 months to get traction, and the game itself was always flat, and looks just “so so.” When people see me play Conan Exiles, they say “what game is that?!” and want more. With its richness and complexity, I think we have just a few more hurdles before it can fully capture the gaming audience.


Smashing bugs? They are not able to introduce new content if it’s not followed by a bunch of new bugs and reappearance of the old ones. A whole month and they are still not able to upload pets system to Live because of bugs. Never in my long experience with multiplayer games have been seen such thing, And believe me, I’m and old one.

Of course they are running out of time, but who cares? CE has already saved the company.


i respectfully disagree …

the bugs are bad, and every survival game has it. well conan is not really a survival game once you reach level 40 + , but setting that aside. i would like them to take time to finish and iron out bugs of the new system . what i do believe is there should be more HOTFIXES. to fix at least some of the no so difficult bugs that populate the game. it will send the right signal…


I just want to emphasize my professional experience with Rockstar ended when I comprehended they prefer bugs in the pot. My point is that Funcom does not. As a player, I know about the problems in the game and am working to help find solutions. This takes time, which I still think Funcom has plenty of.


Well, i respectfuly disagree of your disagreement :wink:

If i remember correctly, last hotfix on live was released to fix two problems: wells not filling and thrall low health on server restarts. Both are currently not fixed, at least on private servers.

Again, they are unable to fix anything properly and everytime they add new content, it comes with new bugs and some old ones in addition. One month to implement pet system wich is, essentialy, thrall system with other skins.

I have been playing MMOs MMORPGs, RPGs, Survival, Sandboxes. Some of them open worlds with hundreds of players at same time with periodical events and new content additions… and never, never have been seen such kind of incompetence. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the core system in game or maybe lack of inner testing. In any case they are running out of time and people patiencie.


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