Functional Stair Railings

I did a thing. :grinning:

The trick to getting the sloping wall pieces to match the height of the fake railings is that they need to be raised up 3/8 of a foundation above the stairs they are enclosing. This can be accomplished by using a door frame at the edge of a foundation to raise up an adjacent foundation by 1/4, doing so a second time for 1/2, and then using a fence foundation along side the 1/2 height foundation to lower it down by 1/8. You can then stack fence foundations up to place the sloping pieces atop, and fill-in the stairs in the center afterwards.

And yes, the sloping walls do keep you from running off the sides where you have them. :slight_smile:

If desired, I can record a short how-to and post to YouTube.


I think a visual “how to” would be fantastic! Thank you for sharing this tip. I look forward to a link :eyes: :hugs:

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Holy crap this is RIDICULOUSLY rad! Yes, please, @Larathiel … A short youtube would be super awesome and I’d totally watch it! What a super cool idea, very creative, and yeah, I’ll be stoked to not rush off my stairs in a blind fury of shift-running down them knowing full well I won’t break my shins due to my sheer inability to go anywhere in the Exiled lands slowly :joy:

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I’ve used that trick a couple of times. I only wish I could do something about in-doors stairs without having to build up walls all the way from the ground…

Yeah, if they would give us the ability to socket railings with actual collision onto the stairs (or even offset heights without such tricks), it would be a huge help.


Alrighty, had to fight with my recording settings for way too long, but finally got it to record audio on the 4th try. Sorry if it’s slightly on the loud side, but I wasn’t about to do a 5th go of it. :sweat_smile:


Neat. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Dude, that’s super cool! Awesome trick and thanks a ton for it ^.^

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Thank you for posting this video tutorial. Well done and easy to follow. Can’t wait to give this a go!:100:


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