Functional Thrall Furniture

That and also be able to plase none AI thralls/animals/craftingthralls only for decotations and not only in ther craftingstations/pens.

My meme is from Seinfeld, where George was up in arms about his fianceés company policy of forcing security guards to stand at all their Department Stores.

(That whole sentence is probably a ship in a bottle, representing the end of the 20th Century.)

It’s something that makes me laugh, because there are hundreds of times I used to walk in on my thralls and see them almost developing an inner life and companionships. This isn’t my imagination; when enemies probe your castle your thralls get pulled. How they end up as companions is often quite interesting.

I find them fascinating, and despite my joke, hope they get to relax a bit on occasion.

Perhaps subject for another thread, but it would be ideal if there were a tiara or crown that protects our followers from gas while still displaying their beautiul faces.

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Commander’s Helmet is a beautiful crown that protects from gas and shows their face. Beauty is subjective.

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