Functional Warpaint Functional Again Timeline?

Any word on when functional warpaints will become functional again?

As a side note, it would be nice to get sorcery specific warpaints :smiley:

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Warpaint with function was removed intentionally.

They still need to remove the journey step.

What are you talking about? It was removed.

It used to be the fourth step of Chapter IX, now there are only nine steps in Chapter IX.

I’ve had it pop up since the release of 3.0. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe it has been fixed since, maybe it was my imagination. I’ll check my most recent reroll.

well i think they should remain if they are only decorative, why do they have a timer? makes no sense

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All warpaints have a timer, even the previous cosmetic-only ones. They always have, it’s meant to be them fading or washing off. They’re paint, not tattoos.

uhu, its a fantasy game and there is no showers in CE, and people go into water with heavy armor , it is just convenient to not have to do the warpaints all over again because the timer expired. (it is just an opinion)

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Some of the recipes are pretty pricey for cosmetic only, they should drop the dragon powder for example or give a mild bonus (+1% for example).

They did drop the dragonpowder.

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Some people in this community have taken that too literally and carried it on outside of the game

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LOL. maybe true but i only know one person in RL and that woman does take showers everyday hahaha

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