Funeral Crash quest. Missing URL and error in code (spoiler)

In “Funeral Crasher” mission, the URL showed in the Orochi tablet ( ) is a dead link and should be changed to the working one:
I found others missing websites or not-matching URLs inside the game like, from memory, one about the fan’s blog obssesed by Sam Krieg and this one

Always in “Funeral Crasher”, the second letter ( A ) of the second word in the morse code is missing. Should be WALKS, the lights show WLKS. Checked more times.

The Internal browser should be updated. I understand it wasn’t a big deal cause you can use an external browser, but it should if it’s considered a feature of the game. For example the youtube video of the musem lesson of mission “hell and Bach” mission can only be seen using an external browser

Is it really considered a feature of the game though? The amount of effort required to implement a new version would seem excessive vs the need for it. Anyone running the game will have access to an internet browser already.

I agree that it’d be nice if it did work properly, but as far as prioritizing it goes, I’d put it right at the bottom of the list of stuff that could do with attention.

It’s advertized in that way at least for new players in tutorial. Anyway I understand it would take an effort to keep updated. More annoying the dead URLs cause fixing them should be very easy I think.
I edited my post cause we just completed the investigation mission “funeral crash” and found an error in a part of investigation