Fungal Filth count not updating

I’m trying to fill out the Fungal Filth monster kill achievement. I was killing the fungus on the Docks in Kaidan. I noticed that the count was not always updating - sometimes I would get credit and sometimes I would not.

Tonight I tried killing Spore-Ridden, Fruiting Bodies, Sporewalkers and Spore-Ridden Apes. None of them counted - my count is stuck at 984. I’m pretty sure they used to count, so I think this is a bug.

Such things are normally a flagging issue…like enemies aren’t flagged as fungal filth correctly in the harbor…never checked myself.

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I only noticed the fungal filth counter going up in Shadowy Forest myself, I just assumed that that was because I was so late getting to Tokyo that I stopped checking. That is weird, you would think they should count.

Doing some digging, and looking at the excellent Badgers monsterhunting information, it notes that while the Docks beasties do not count, the Fruiting Bodies “mass proliferation” spawns do count, if you destroy the pods before they hatch.

Credit for info to [email protected]

That’s odd because I’m pretty sure that sometimes the count would update on the Docks - just not all the time.

Hm - so apparently the Frutiing Bodies (and walkers I guess) spawn pods count? That certainly seems like an error…

I will go back to the ShadowyForest and see what happens there.

The primary Fungal Filth at the Kaidan Docks hasn’t given kill credits since their introduction in The Secret World. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because of their specific strain.

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Well It works as you said. Thank you!

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