Further zoomout

When fighting anything BIG, all I see is the inside of whatever is about to die… zooming further out would fix that.

Thank you.


I thought the same thing too, but i think they just need to add better collision :slight_smile:they should let us be able to climb World Bosses,Rhino’s, and elephants, just like in Dragns Dgma

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Allegedly you can. There is an achievement for killing a boss while standing on it.

Got no chance with rhino collision though.

Was able to ride the boss croc for a short time as it chased my partner down the river. Couldn’t manage to land any hits on it though.

I’d like this function when trying to put down massive structures like the Vault or the Map Room (on Xbox)

It’s funny u mention the croc, because thats what gave me the idea, i started a combo rite in front of his left leg, then he lunged, next thing i know im on his back doing the 2 handed sword slam on his back , and yea i seen the achievement for that :slight_smile: still no luck on that though, maybe its something that was planned and just not implemented yet?The climbing World Bosses i mean