Fury is nicer than crom


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not even sure what you are talking about here, but like i said before, dividing the population is a bad idea. its better for the game if servers merge into PvE/PvP server. The more you divide the servers the worse state the game will be in


i really like fury too!
sneaking around in the bushes watching the sh*t out of these other players when doing my quests.
i know they’re hungry for that 2 pvp xp


I think we need to consider the game has both pvp players and pve players- and some who enjoy both. Not everyone has played since launch and in my experience the ganking and trash talking is not for everyone and can drive newer players away from the game. Open world pvp can be fun and exciting but not when you are waylaid trying to finish a quest by people far above your level. I started on Fury in 2014 and spent about a year before I went to crom. My experience is that overall the people are more helpful on crom in both arenas. Maybe that is different from yours. I hope Fury lives again after Saga, time will tell.


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What he’s trying to say is that the rule set of Fury is more in line with the original intentions the game developers had at launch and it better captures the feel of the world of Hyboria. There is truth in this.

You got your sheep and your wolves. He’s accusing you all of Lambs afraid of the encroaching wolves that come to pillage, reave, and steal.

What I think? I understand why people prefer Crom. You don’t compete for open world zones. Nor do you have to worry about your questing being interrupted by gankers. Yet something is lost when in Crom that Fury has.

The open world pvp ruleset creates all these stories and rivalries. Triumphs, glories, and lamentations. It taps into the human nature for conflict and puts it in a digital space. This creates a special kind of player driven content. There is also a drive to improve your pvp abilities. As you see your guildies get trumped by superior adversaries you want to get better. You form alliances and forge ahead trying to conquer your enemies for the day.

This was at the peak of the pvp ruleset. Problem is that you need a sizeable population to have this. Saga proved that. Those first three months before it winded down was truly some of the best times I’ve had playing aoc ever.

If only the devs didn’t shirk pvp content over pve content. This game would’ve truly been something else.


Rubbish! I have heard that “AOC is pvp focused” story for nearly a decade and you know what? noone could ever post some solid proof. So once I decided to go through 4-5 hours of develeoper interviews & aoc promos from 2007 and 08 you know what? did not find a single proof about this being a pvp focused game. nothing!
This is some sort of wet dream of certain individual since this game launched. But hey! If you think Funcom is gonna turn Crom into a pvp, keep dreaming.

Now if funcom actually want to kill of the remaining population then by all means turn crom into a world pvp server. Also, lets not forget the saga of Zath had tons of players last year, way more than saga of blood.

ps. 50 loudmouth forum commandos does not equal the majority of the player base. sorry to burst your bubble.


If sheep means speaking the truth I will gladly be a sheep.
Gaute Godager, co founder of Funcom and Game Director on Age of Conan in an interview in 2013* (long after he had left Funcom):

There are few things that the community has been arguing about since day 1 of Age of Conan so please settle those feuds once and for all by answering these:

2. have you developed AOC as a PVP centric game or PVE centric? Or perhaps have you tried to reach some kind of optimal balance between those two types of content?

We said we tried to do both. But I guess we didn’t really believe the game could stand on its own without good PVE, and felt that not many PvP centric games made it big, back then - so PVE drove the development. It changes with time. I might have made it differently today.

Even IF AoC had ben advertised as the pvp mmp with the most pvp ever in it…the game is 10 years old, and games change over time, as does the population. The pve road was pretty obvious pretty early on, the players who liked pve better that pvp were a majority also pretty early.

Does not matter anyway, the game is what it is. Today.


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Yeah I remember reading that as well. good interview btw. :slight_smile:


And who are you?..


Now super heros never reveal there true identity up up an away


well whatever then. I spoke the truth, you could not handle it :smiley:

ps. By all means show me where i did all the crying to have game changed from whatever pvp focused dream you think it was.
Yeah that’s right I never said a thing. On the other hand I have from very first day in aoc seen howling fluffy pvp unicorns crying for this and that to be nerfed or buffed. Every stinking day!


I dont understand how the original intention of the game is a factor in this. After preorder record and all that, the game kinda flopped to be fair. And what happened after that? The game became heavily pve focused in the sense of playerbase and submoney coming in to funcom. Even if the original intention of the game was heavy pvp focus, it certainly didnt turn out that way, why bruteforce it against the current?


I still dont see a valid point as to why server merge into PvE-PvP wont work. People will be able to ewsily jump between the two modes, and population wont be divided. Hell, those that want to cap lvl without being ganked non stop, will be able to cap with no proboems and join the fray at 80 witb easy.
Certainly to me it looks new player friendly, not that chat division is new player friendly either way


That depends since FC is doing very limited actions in this game, if another action is pushed away cos they focus on the merge, its not worth it imo.


I don’t have any issues with a one server combining both modes, if they could make those pvp instances for selection or some sort of rune like Cappa Suggested.


Were doing very limited actions. Now, they are giving the game a lot more attention, which i am not surprised about considering their debts are gone now.
But i think they should at the very least have a very small team slowly merging the servers code wise, and when that is done, do the merge and continue. Of ciurse, its not that simple but i presume you get what i mean.


If you think they are doing “alot” more to the game just cos they announced a ingame-store box, then its clear you havent been around for long :joy:


Nah, instance would be much better than the rune, i think in the end would be much easier for beginners to use. Such rune could be impossible for new players to find. It will ofc require more work but in the end will be worth it