Fury is nicer than crom


Ive been around for 3 years, and i am not talking about just AoC. Funcom, if you hadnt noticed, is able to do much more now than before, and that is shown by their activity spike this year. Last 2 years outside of Conan Exiles there wasnt much from what i noticed. Then we hit 2019 and suddenly spike in activity.


You won’t see me crying for nerf or buff this I just adapt my playstyle, an I mean in genral.

AoC went pve focused cause they let the PvP players down with lack of content failed sieges etc I won’t lie I love AoC an all aspects I just thought I would add some fuel to the fire an try an get the PvP players showing AoC that we still here even tho we have had no new content in long time apart from fast track PvP lvls which sucks bori fail PvP festival fail same as rf is fail it giving players easy ride when it should be hard!

An it down to us the players to show them there error in there ways! Alot of easy fixes but they ignore it! I will be on crom twice a week for guild raids then rest of my time is on fury where the heart of Conan truly is! Now I’d love to see mori an co there doing raids dungeons an I bet they love the thrill of the fight to get to the dungeon or even hand in a quest it’s what made for a fun time yes there is gankers pffffff I’d never gank :joy::joy::skull::skull_and_crossbones: but if done right it was fun.

Back in 2009 me an three mates had 20 ppl Res camp us cause we made life hell in fields of the dead an still to this day one of my best memories of AoC it made team work an guild wars fun I was Kos by all guilds even tho my actual guild was allies or at peace with them.


Enjoy that faith, as long as it lasts


I dont have any faith, i only care abkut the streams because news and free Aoc goodies XD


here is why i pick pvp server:

in pve, when you see another player out in the wild you don’t have to talk to them, you don’t have to help them, you don’t have to think about them at all.
you can just ignore them, and i often do, because it’s easy and care free.
and i don’t want to seem like a nerd who is overstepping social boundaries!
miss me with that awkward stuff pls

in pvp, when you meet another player, you have to account for them. you have to think about them and watch them.
cause they’ll probs try to kill you any second (or you them :leg: ).
it forces you to interact with other players, to think about them, size them up and consider the situation!

i like that.
i wish i had even more reason to attack people.
like, make them drop a % of their money and some random items from their inventory, heheh.
then we’d really be on to something!

(not that it’s not great as it is right now tho)


Most of the people on this forum is veteran players who never walk around the world to do something unless they level up their 17th alt. All PVE vets do is either idling in one of the hubs, or teleport to dungeons or raids with their friends. Making zones PVP wont change that fact.


The majority of players still active on crom exactly fit what you just described.

This game was at launch hyped up for a PvP centric game. Just look at the game design. The combo system is a direct indication of its PvP focus. Missed white hits decrease the damage of a combo. This allows players to outplay one another by dodging and weaving to minimize incoming damage. It’s the same with line of sight on spells- although at release this was bugged and fixed within weeks.

The difference is that the PvE community stuck around longer due to PvP community’s frustration with the development of this game. Khitai, Turan, and Dragon’s spine created 0 PvP content while bolstering this game’s PvE repertoire.

What I don’t understand is why more players don’t try PvP out. It’s by far the most entertaining aspect of AoC. And the great part is that it’s more fun the more people take part in it- there are no 24 man limits. It’s also a lot more difficult to become “good” at, allowing players to improve over years and years.


I have tried pvp lots of times, outside of AOC i play lots and lots of pvp games. But personaly i cant get over these points

  • american servers with 130+ ping, competetive pvp games shouldnt be under these conditions, arguing that low ping players have hard time hitting me cos im lagging is irrelevant for my experience.
  • Horrible community with terrible people (not everyone) but theres too many invested griefers thats not taken care of.
  • 4 maps, in 11 years.
  • The terrible matchmaking system where one team can get 2 healers while other team gets none. Or one team theoretically could get 6 pvp 10, while other team has 6 fresh 80s.


  • I play with similar ping.

  • The PvE community is no different, actually probably worse with how much I see people whine about PvE elitism (which I have witnessed many times first hand) and raidfinder.

  • The PvP community is very competitive. You shouldn’t mistake people being competitive with a “terrible community”. The same goes with getting killed.

  • For the first 3-4 years of this game, there were 4 raids and all the 6 man dungeons were not worth doing.

From what I can tell, it seems that you just don’t want to put in the time and effort to explore a region of this game that you have not before, and prefer to be passive aggressive on the forums. Give pvp a shot. It’s loads of fun. You won’t be the best initially, but the journey of improvement is a lot of fun.


You cant justify the high ping by saying you’re okay with it.

People being afk in 35 minigames per day is not the same as pve elitism.

Im not talking about competetive ppl bashing eachother, im talking about people being very invested in being afk and generally griefing in the minigames.

Give me a timemachine, and I might think about it, who cares about how the game was in the past.

Seems to me, you got a uphill battle selling pvp, I enjoy pvping in games where the envirement is actually competetive, not a mini with 12% afkers, 12% fresh 80s, 12% griefing rangers playing for themselfes in hide.


Minigame griefers are not PvP community. It seems all the issues you’ve mentioned stem back to them.

It is true the matchmaking is not good in pub minigames. However, PvP is not limited to pugs- I would recommend forming two groups of players and having two team captains pick teams out of them, dodgeball style. On Saga, we have a lot of fun doing this. It always has created good fights between the teams- often down to a kill differential of 3-7 kills.

You immediately disregard the point about 4 raids for the first 3 years because it doesn’t fit your narrative. AOC has always had a lot of emphasis on PvP. It has always had fun raids as well, but until 2012 Funcom was more concerned with making the overall gameplay experience better by overhauling combat systems (see patch 1.05) than introducing new content.


You dont decide whos part of the PVP community, if they do regular pvp content, they are part of it.

Ive done my fair share of premades, im done with that thanks.

My narrative concerns what I want to play right now, within the envirement currently avaible, talking about what the game once was, is not relevant for my current experience in the game. Hope you understand this time.


I aint a fan of pvp in any game i will be honest here, but if they merged servers i would be willing to try the instance pvp just because it would be great to play this with some sort of “risk” and because the pvp aspect of this game is enjoyable. But i learned that pure pvp servers are not for me. Griefers prowl everywhere and i would certainly burn out fast. Not willing to burn my butt out on pvp and lose my enjoyment of this game in any shape or form.


Well, got nothing left to say then. It sounds like you aren’t willing to learn and that’s why you don’t like premades.

Have fun in raidfinder I guess.


Mate, with this attitude youre no better than the grieferz or afk players. Or worse, elitists. Treat people with some respect.


This thread is rife with personal bickering and is on thin ice. Please keep “prone to huge arguments” content out of these forums, cleaned up a couple posts. Please be constructive and don’t resort to personal attacks. Thank you.


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Merge servers and then no one will be stopped from pvping.

A good idea as well would be to add an option in main menu (a toggle option) to automatically enter pvp instance.


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