Fury is nicer than crom


God, people are surprised later that no one wants to go to Fury when people like you are treating others like trash just because they prefer pve over pvp.
Grow up


Also, whoever this dude is, he made his account 14 hours ago and his first action is to make this thread…
And he is too scared to say who he is. like telling us which is his main char.
Hard to take someone like that serious. He does seem salty though :smile:


Pvp players who hate pvers and make posts like these are normal in any mmo, so im not surprised. 10 years too late for me lol


Same here, just funny how he claims to somehow know me from saga but won’t reveal who he is. anyways. I remember on saga being part of a steady raid group of old friends and sometimes a couple of randoms when we could not fill. I guess he is one of those randoms :smiley:

ps. I WILL FIND HIM lol :smiley:


I might not be a fan of pvp, but it looks interesting enough to try. First time i joined i rly considered ovp server, but i have xp with such things. I even tried Saga pvp, even if pve still exists, not the type of experience i like for sure. The day we get a merge, im going nose dive into pvp roaming.


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Of course, when the players run out of words in order to impose their views, often we are talking about personal drama, the above is what happens.

The user, has some good points, but some are not.

When talking about “nicer” server, i have to say it was Crom, more friendly than Fury, in both PvP and PvE.

However fury was much more fun than Crom, but due to the high number of cheaters, and a really “snobby” community the server went down.

This game, as the title suggest, the movie too, is meant for player with a major age, and not for kids. There are some gruesome scenes and talk, and those are part of the game too.



Whilst I have my own views on the PvE vs PvP discussion, regardless of what MMO it might be, when reading through these threads it always seems to come down to same thing.

It is like saying apples are better then pears because they are not pears, and the other person saying that pears are better because they are not apples. … Cue fruit salad analogies. :wink:


There really aren’t many cheaters playing this game – and many of them aren’t experienced enough in their respective classes to make use of the advantage they’re leveraging.

Furthermore, neither of those reasons are why Fury declined. Fury declined because of a lack of PvP content, exclusively. Tyranny died around 8 years ago because of shrines of bori, pvp 10, and AAs. Most people on that server had a primarily pvp focus, and when they were forced to do stuff like khitai faction grind, farm Shrines of Bori (which discouraged pvp) in order to stay competitive in pvp due to how much better pvp 10 gear was and the importance of AA, many players got discouraged and quit. It is also important to note that the AA grind was much more severe when it originally came out. I was one of the people that quit during this era. Shortly after the remainder of tyranny transferred to Cimmeria, but Cimmeria was going through a similar situation already. Before long, Cimmeria and Tyranny were merged in order to attempt to keep some pvp alive.

Since then, I did not keep track of what was going on on the pvp servers; from what I gather, the last of the Fury players transferred to crom in order to take advantage of the odd minigame or two.

But make no mistake: it was not due to the “snobby” community that the PvP servers declined. It was a lack of attention or meaningful content.

You may have felt discouraged by the competitive community, but it drove a lot of others to improve their skills and hone their gameplay.


Well, i am going to keep minimal hope that Funcom, after losing its debts and the fact that its social activity is starting again this year, wipl start adding our long deserved new content and perhaps that server merge into PvE-PvP server (maybe called Hyboria or Conan?). While i will keep minimal hope tho, im gonna continue that vanity hunting quest of kine. (Progress going amazing so far)


No mate, nothing competitive in that server or in this game, you die in pvp you don’t even drop your items, and the bosses unless there is a bug drop rares 100% of the times.

They were really “snobby”, to apply to a guild you were meant to post to stats of your toon, the K/D ratio that apparently has been removed, just for a couple of users to make fun of you, because as a tank in pvp you charge and die if your dps and healers do not keep up, meanwhile, the smartass, as we have on crom too, hides when the fight is hard and steal kills. The UE fury has always been that way, and the community over an online game is one of the most important things. This is the reasons many players started to leave. Regards.


This was Mussagana’s response to the often suggested merge of PvE and PvP servers with having options to enter zones as PvE or PvP zones in September 2018 …


Time efficient my a**. I clal that being lazy.

The moment they do this, server pop division will no longer be there. Screw time efficient


The only reason, PvP Servers failed in AoC is the griefercommunity on PvP Servers.

When i started back in 2011. My first toon was created on Rage, because i liked the idea of open pvp. But instead of some fun pvp, toons with higher lvl were standing in all the instances around Tortage to farm the new players.

Getting ganked by a group of 4-6 players about 10 lvl + above your own is no fun and has nothing to do with pvp. But Rage was full of those griefers, so it didn’t take me long to switch to a PvE Server.

PvP and especially Open-PvP can be fun, but usually some a**holes don’t know any limits and that’s what drives people away.


Indeed, the PvP community whimpered about the need to increase the number of people playing PvP with the left hand, while making every effort to move players away with the right hand.
As for me I had my life PvP on Rage (I liked the thrill of drop items not binded to death and have one and only one character) I had so much fun in the war KoBK vs Russcorp but also many disappointments, to the the players themselves were killing the server, including squads of player 80 ganking players level 10 all day not to mention more unpleasant things that forced funcom to put the server in quarantine, facts that disgusted me until leaving the server.
There are two reasons make my life better on Crom then Rage:

  1. Currently on Crom, I occasionally participate in the mini, the other day there was a new player in mini who declared himself such, actually he (or she, female toon, hard to say) made several noob mistakes, each one must learn. The group chat was the show of insults that invited him (or her) to never be seen again, so they need more PvP players but they must be lenders, experts, deep connoisseurs of PvP, fully geared and maybe PvP10.
    I’m not sensitive to insults and I tend to respond to tone and face situations, my ignore list is a virgin fact, but I’m an exception, if that new player never went into mini, I would not be amazed.

  2. this is my personal taste but I need variety to me one, two, three mini fun too but then I have to change. Doing one, two, three dungeons amuses me but then I have to change etc. Crom offers me the perfect variety I look for. I do raid if I want, dungeon if I feel like, pvp if I feel like it, even if that variety has precipitated since the introduction of the RF: sad
    On Rage the mentality was white or black, the server was PvP and you had to do only PvP, woe to you to try to organize a raid or something different. Also in the last period, not even did much open pvp, because then many say it was fun and yet I remember with sadness, many days when everyone was locked in the armory of Conarch to wait mini mini mini, the only activity in a big server, if i have to wait mini i can do it on Crom.

PS: about @MyStygga you must always remember respect for others but especially when you talk to @Moriala, you are not talking to an RF player but to one who gave AoC a lot of heart and that a small part of AoC self has to thank him for standing still


It sounds like we all have different mentalities. If I were to encounter such “griefer” groups, which honestly just sound like PvP groups and you all were at the wrong place at the wrong time, I’d try to make a group to combat them.

There was no disrespect in any of my posts. Disagreeing with someone and discussing opinions are what forums are for.

Responding condescendingly often gets the same result back.


There’s like 3 individuals that live off afking in minis whole day, every single day. Is pving about teaming up with the other team to farm those griefers? I understand that envirement might work out for some, but its pretty obvious and cant really be argued against, that its not competetive enough for others, you can argue that pvp isnt all about minis, but if you want to be an active pvper, minigame is a central activity.

Will a merge help the game?
The only way I think it could help the game is to get fury away from character creation, it must have been a big trap over the last years for new players creating their first char on a dead server, giving a false feeling that the game is completely dead.


The problem was fixed at Saga. Those pvp groups, but with really a bad attitude, were correct. Because it is a PvP server and you have to fight and level your PvP toon, and not get to level 80. In facts on saga levelling to 80 was basically removed.

On a note, funny we had an argument over another topic where i was saying new players should be threaten well, and then i read those users who posted against me, now saying they quitted because the pvp server, or better the community was not good :slight_smile: Regards.


There was no group to form. The answers i got were: log out and try in a few hours again. That was Rage. And for a new player who has no experience in aoc or maybe MMOs at all. That’s not an environment to enjoy.

Now on saga it was easy cheesy. As I already have knowledge about the game. Often there were gankers and I had fun to encounter them.

@devil you still have no clue /ignore


I would prefer the solution with the rune that places a buff that flags you for pvp or not but I’m not sure if that would be more time efficient.

It would mix the population even further and make the servers feel much more alive when people that are only interested in pve or only in pvp still see each other playing and fighting even if they are not interested in participating.

In the long run there is also a bigger chance people that are now only doing pve or pvp would be tempted to try other activities when they see others having fun doing them.


I agree with Stygg and kibbles.
I’m from Tyranny. Back in 2013 most people went to Set server, all the major remaining guilds. Req Nex, the then Aco’s which turned into Social Rejects. My friends and I also moved to different games because there was no more pvp really, we sat and tried to duel in keshatta…for hours.

We came back a few months later and made enemies with Sentinels and Exiled Brethren guild. It was when the WB was first introduced and the server was incredible. I made a few videos of open world pvp. The merge happened soon after that.

We left again though. Why?
Why do people keep leaving for months, years at a time?

This game is the funnest pvp game I’ve ever played, and the fun comes mainly with WPVP = World PvP. Not just grinding mini games on a pve server. But we leave because all go to Crom to kill the world boss, and to get pve gear that they can use in pvp battles (rf rings are so op). This divides the community…bad.

Also, content is a huge problem. Pvp players also like progression. What happens after you get full aa, all the gear, all the pets, the two mounts…make an alt? I now have 4 pvp 10’s. I have pvp 9, pvp 8 etc of almost every class in this game. I don’t want to play these classes but I want the feeling of gaining.

We NEED open world pvp. It is really all we have left. If you people will stay on the PvP server so will I.

Stygg who were you on Tyranny?