Fury is nicer than crom


I didnt think abiut that. Now that you bring thst point up, maybe a rune would be much better. Or just flagging for Pvp


Totally agree with Kropts post! I transferred to crom only cuz of RF was totally dead on Fury. Nr1 rings for pvp must have.

Kinda stupid u need that pve stuff to get the best rings for pvp. Oh well… lets hope they do something about that this year. Im still missing 2 gems and so tired of that pve farm😕

Life on Crom is so boring! Open world pvp is by far the best thing about this game! I too will stay on Fury as long as there are players. I want huge khes fights between guilds again! I love that!


This game is not even technically ready for open world pvp. A 10y beta phase?! that can not keep fps high in some zones when more ppl around. I dont like auto aim toons like caster or ranger so for melee i dont see why i should play a crappy optomized game. So in terms of playability all that open world pvp could add is reduced to the same zones that you could play on crom as well…


Not disagreeing with you, but have you played world pvp in ESO. That very popular mmo by a big company? :slight_smile: just to be fair to Funcom because even a big one like ESO can’t pull off world pvp with massive amounts of players without it turning into a lag fest, and even if you are alone and far away from a siege you often get loading screens out of nowhere just because you move about in the world pvp zone :smiley:
So we like to blame funcom for everything but they are certainly not the only mmo company unable to pull off a siege with minimal lag.
Seems to me that it might just be something about the tech available for online games. Just a guess though.


I fully agree with you, however I would not take as model Zenimax and Bethesda on the bug-free programming fine model :laughing:


Its not only a general problem but instead happens consistently in wild lands or tarantia commons which are suprise suprise declared as open pvp zones. Wild lands looks like it could run on a calculator from modern standards and this specific problem is known for years. So badly optimized IMO.


True dat. I just remember beta testing ESO, back then it ran sooooo smooth. I was impressed because it looked better than aoc (newer game) apart from the animations. no mmo beats AOC on animations and it ran so well with lots people running around me. but with every patch and expansion it got worse and worse.


that is quite possible :slight_smile: It’s Just after having spent time in Eso and Swtor I have seen horrible lag in their pvp as well.
The big problem must be that having tons of players in the same instance or close each other just puts a massive pressure on the servers/ the connection between the player and the server.

Or all mmo’s are just really badly coded :smile:


Lets be frank here. AoC looks much better graphically, and armor design wise. The only bad thing in terms of appearance that aoc has is the character faces. That i will agree.