Fury needs Merged


Its getting boring on fury, when will it get merged ?

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You mean “deleted”, not “merged”. Noone on Crom wants Fury players.

Also,I agree. Delete fury.


I completely understand your position, it was the same position we had on tyranny, I wouldn’t want “them” either, but there is still people like me and other who are not “them” and would like to see fury merged. Maybe if the servers merged more peoplewould see what fury players see and actions would be taken swiftly to eradicate the “distractions”.


If you mean they’ll have to fix the exploits, not really. Game’s 10 years old, if they were going to fix/stop exploits, it would’ve been done long before the game was officially placed in maintenance mode over a year ago.


I like Fury so much. Every time I log in I m one of the best player online, this morning we were 4 80, 12 in total ahaha
well maybe Funcom does not pay much for it so they keep it,who knows…


in 2010 they did fix current exploits. That sounds weird doesn’t it … :octopus:


There’s not much to delete, it’s like 10 players with 3-4 alts each. Nothing of value will be lost.


99% of Fury players have an alts on Crom. So don’t tell nonsense.


Being Bigoted against an entire server of people is hilarious. As if the PVE ruleset doesn’t spawn @**holes and douchebags. There are plenty of good players on fury and yes we all mostly have at least an alt or more on Crom so whether you like it or not we are already there. Don’t earn yourself one of those aforementioned titles with posts like that bud.


Fun fact, most of people you see on crom have at one point been on fury, also fun fact lot of the “best” raiding guilds have huge amount of Fury players in them, myself included :wink:

No need to be jealous in our superiority, like it or not you need us :sweat_smile:


Just put a pvp zone option on Crom zones and merge imo