Fury PvP Server Daily PvP Quest Zone Change Time

Dear citizens of Hyboria, please sign this petition/poll to have the zone pvp daily quest on Fury pvp server, changed to 6-8 hours later than the current switch time.

it is a massive detriment to PvP and is infuriating on a daily basis

If Funcom does this. Spreadman agrees to sub for one year.

Thank you.

  • Please Change The F’ing Time
  • I Don’t Care I’m Lame

0 voters

Well @Funcom As you can see, the general consensus is that 3 super intelligent and amazing people voted for the proposed change!

Meanwhile a bunch of folks who don’t seem to care either way have publicly acknowledged their self imposed lameness… :face_with_monocle: that’s about it.

If you would please address the issue at your earliest convenience so I can renew my sub for one year it would be kindly appreciated.

Thank you!

Be Well


oh and p.s. Can we get some sub rewards?