FuryInc[PVE] is now back


Welcome to Fury Inc,

We are hosting Conan Exiles once again to explore the new updates and changes made from last year.

I am here to have fun and relax, so I try to run a server based on that general mindset.

All new players are welcome and always glad to see old friends.

Player Type: PVE Friendly Community

Server Quirks:

Friendly Community
Server Updates daily
Build as big or small as you want
No building to block resources, mobs or pathways
No griefing allowed, trolling included
Zero tolerance for sexual harassment

Server settings:
Purge Frequency 2x a day but only with 2 or more people on the server.
Harvesting x3
XP gain at 1 with up to 1.5 for killing and crafting.

None (I know right?)

Happy Gaming, Teah of Fury Inc