Fury's Development & Future


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This game is pve to win or pay to win has been for years Funcom haven’t done anything about it before so they sure as hell wont do anything about it in the future


That doesn’t give the community a reason to try and bring more attention to PvP.


I would love to experience open world PvP in this game, but have never felt inclined to roll a character on Fury. Crom has a healthier population, and if it comes down to picking between group activities in PvE or strictly PvP’ing on a server with a small population, I have to pick the former. My interests are mixed, I enjoy both PvE and PvP.

The big deterrent when it comes to PvP for most people is the gear/AA imbalance. It’s way too big a hurdle to get over, specially for new players, there’s simply no way that a newcomer can be competitive. Not only do they have less experience due to being new, but the stats are also against them.

Most recent players who come into this game have accepted that AoC can’t amount to much more than PvE for them, and honestly that’s kind of how I feel about it aswell. I started in 2017, and tried to convince others who started around the same time to try PvP with me, but never succeeded. People’s first experience in PvP is one of dying all the time, getting focused because of some “get the lowbie, free kill” mentality, while at the same time being raged at by their own losing team for being dead weight, or useless. Nobody wants any part in that. Most get discouraged by their first attempts and just stick to what they know will be fun for them.

I don’t care a lot for minis and would prefer the open world stuff, but I still tried to get into Crom’s PvP and bought the T2 set from the item shop a year ago, which pretty much felt like a necessity if I intended to have fun.

Nowadays I’m not really involved with PvP. I don’t queue for anything, simply because it’s not fun. I get my alts to 80, gear them for PvE and that’s it. One cursory glance at Global chat and you’ll get the impression there isn’t a very welcoming crowd behind PvP, it’s filled with salt, tears and chest-pounding. I know a lot of people are nice and try to lure new folk towards PvP, and I believe there’s a lot of people who want to be able to get into it aswell, but the problems behind PvP stem from the way this game has been designed in the first place. Everything that’s competitive in nature needs to prioritize balance and emphasize fairness, that should be at the core of PvP’s design. That’s not the case with this game.

This being said, AoC is an RPG with a lot of progression elements involved, so of course there are going to be huge variances in power between characters. This premise in itself kind of plays against PvP as a whole. The biggest solution, in my opinion, would be to remove PvP gear from the game altogether. It will never happen, and it would probably upset most people who play PvP today, but everyone would be able to achieve the same things by killing the same mobs and farming the same raids. Some people don’t like this, some aren’t interested in PvE at all and play this for PvP exclusively, but I still think it provides a smaller barrier of entry. The PvP folk who don’t like PvE already farm for RF rings and everything else that might provide any kind of advantage for their characters, the “we can’t stand PvE, we just want to PvP” argument is a bit disingenuous. A good chunk of people will do anything for a greater edge in PvP, some went as far as to purchase the collector’s edition for Conan Exiles just so they could get the Exile rune, so there’s that…

To me, it’s quite obvious why PvP feels like a niche and why there aren’t more minigames popping up in Crom. I imagine Fury doesn’t get a lot of new faces either. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I’ve come to accept it. I love this game like no other, but if I wanted to compete with others online, I’d be more inclined to boot up Starcraft or play something else that puts me on equal footing with my opponents. I’d be okay with grinding or working for gear in this game to get better, but grinding in PvP feels completely masochistic. Most people don’t like to lose, very few will sign up when they feel victory is gated behind artificial progress bars and tokens that have long been acquired by their competitors.


Regarding what you posted:

Why would you leave the server for another when that server (Crom) Is not for PvP but rather doesn’t have the player base to promote PvP but on the other hand; You could’ve stayed on fury - which our population didn’t dwindle until big guilds decided to transfer to Crom because the population didn’t rise but we still did have at least 30 + on everyday minimum but now sometimes I log and no one is online. <tomorrow i’ll have more energy to go into more detail> my brain is performing on 1.0 GHz


I’ve never played on Fury. I’m interested in world PvP but I was always on Crom. I wasn’t around for Saga of Blood sadly, if that’s worth mentioning.


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T1 and t3 PVP gear don’t have really big difference. I see problem in RF rings which are really too OP and take a lot of time to get them. Main AA’s perks u will get by lvling. Before RF, new players fill themselves much better in PVP cos all used pvp rings on dmg and back and necklace on survival.

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Regardless of this guy’s past transgressions, let’s at least TRY to keep to the subject matter. Message him privately if you’re going to openly harass him.

I am not going to side with him in any way, but come on. Keep the forums clean, please.


This is some great advice.

Next time the thread derails it’s going away.


If it’s open world pvp, it’s possible to form a larger raid and still be competative vs better geared and more experienced players. Ofcourse they will complain about zerg, but I guess it’s more fun for all if both parties get kills (since people will stay in a fight if they feel they have a chance).
There are guilds on fury that also except less experienced and geared players and do organize pvp groups. Join such a guild and join the pvp groups.

Giving up is the only real end

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99% of the issue is the players. So so toxic, as others have said. Why would anyone want to play a game with such nasty toxic players. Why isn’t an admin in game stripping these horrible players from their chat ability.

It’s already been said, big mouth trolls, abusing anyone who talks in global, trash talk a new players privatally and publically. Chest thumping, exploiting, and just straight being so toxic.

No one wants to play with that. You can blame yourself the the state of your server. And if Funcom wanted to improve it, they’d take action against players making anyone else’s game session negative. It only takes one negative person to ruin many players fun. So banning or stripping a negative players ability to chat, that may lost one player or piss them off, but save 10 players and potential cash shop spenders.


Maybe true, but it’s just as easy to put those persons on ignore. It’s not like you will miss any usefull conversation from these guys if put on ignore status :hear_no_evil::slight_smile:


True, but when you have the majority of players on you mini team on ignore, it is even harder to make sense of what is happening, the reality is as noted people stop PvP because of the toxic attitude, while you can ignore them, but they are destroying pvp and then wonder why Fury is dead again and minis don’t pop on crom, except when enough of the same people are on. Not all pvpers are toxic, some are helpful, but the fact that many are simply cannot be ignored


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