Future DLC, and Deity Armor Upgrades

I have been playing for over a year now, and always loved the unique look of Religion armor sets. I personally find it a bit boring that these armor sets have no real stats, or improved version once you hit a fully upgraded (T3) shrine.
I believe that once you have a T3 Shrine+Arch-Priest you can craft Flawless Epic variations of Religion Armor Sets.

List of Improved Religion Armor Sets

[Religion, Armor Type, Attribute Bonus, Temperature]

Ymir: Heavy, Strength, Cold

Derketo: Medium, Grit, Heat

Yog: Light, Agility, Heat

Set: Medium, Vitality, Heat

Mitra: Light, Vitality, Heat

Jhebbal Sag: Medium, Survival, Cold

Future DLC Content Idea

I think there should be a Western Civilization DLC pack brought to Conan Exiles featuring Templar/Crusader Armor Set, and a litany of new weapon skins including a Claymore/Zweihander, Kite Shield, ■■■■■■■ Longsword, Bluesteel Broadsword, Lance. Also including an Artisan bench for Tapestry, Chairs, Pews, and other various decorations.

As far as I can tell, there aren’t any advanced western civilizations.

The Americas, in this mythology at least, are where the Picts are from.

Scanning down the Wikipedia page, I can’t really see any “western” civilization, that was advanced to the point of knights and templars. This mythology is mostly about the time before that period.

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