Future of Conan exiles

Here in 2020, Conan exiles got better overall performances, fighting mecanics and some very good content. After getting a lot of new weapons super fun to play with. Now those ones are nerfed and pointless to use. We still can’t cast avatars and worse, we have a stupid thralls cap of only 100 if you got a full clan…

In that genre of game, its a bit a shame to being stuck in the saaaaaaame map since lunch.
Has a a big player of assassin’s creed and red dead redemption do i need to remind you what is a good standard for horse riding mecanic?

Considering the upcoming games using spatial OS thecnology such has NEW WORLD. I wander when we gonna get real, good and fresh new maps to play on?

Funcom, you need to understand this reality. The competition from other dev studios will walk on the path you opened with that game but at the same time… crush you by doing so.

What you have to give?

Why the combative tone? We arent likely getting a new map but there is more to the game than that anyway. We just finished season pass 2 so if there is a 3 I’m sure they will let us know before too long and as always, I expect the dlc names to be highly suggestive.


Last time I wrote what you wrote, mentioning that new game coming in may, my post was immediatly hidden.
I personally don’t want any new map until major game breaking bugs, that can’t be talked about in forums or the post is going to be insta-hidden, are fixed.
I’m gonna go berserk if they give us a new map, or new content, without fixing once for all the major game breaking bugs that are plaguing the game. At least the game breaking bugs that cannot be spoken of on the forum.

Yeah i want new map too. Whatever the reasons behind it.

Or at least have the mob spawn and roam randomly on the existing map… that would be such a step forward already!

The map size is fine. The problem is, leave the desert and you get 100%, never ending, eternal, non stop, perpetual rain. Jungle? Rain. North? Rain. Anywhere but the desert? Rain, rain, rain. Inside the buildings? Rain. Outside the buildings? Rain.

Wee have the Desert and we have rain. If that wasn’t the case, the map would become much bigger and never change in size at all.


Come on, let’s be fair, there’s also snow in the Frozen North and ashfall inside the volcano :stuck_out_tongue:

Maps! Maps! Maps! Maps! Ma-maps! Maps! Everybody play on a new Map!!

Yeah some bugs could be fixed, a.i could be improved, but those things require revenue. Sell me a map so i can help pay your staff!!

Also we could add more beards :wink:


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