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Yeah sure, but let’s be honest, that’s not what’s happening either, is it? Having a beer over the course of a 1½ hour stream does not equal getting drunk - in an average person it would probably “burn off” in roughly that time (or less, depending on many factors that are irrelevant here).

You’re certainly allowed your opinion, everyone is always allowed one of those.
But it makes me sad when people have to stop doing something they enjoy in order to “not offend”, reducing everyone to whatever is the least permissible behavior that offends no-one (almost everything offends someone, somewhere). It leads to a very boring society, and while there’s certainly cases where drinking alcohol is inappropriate, a stream for a mature game like Conan is not one of them.


Having an opinion that protects people is good.
But having an opinion that puts someone’s social behavior on the spot because it makes you feel uncomfortable is not.

Being European, I’ve learned to tolerate everything that doesn’t hurt anyone, because I’ve come to understand people by being around people of every imaginable nationality, culture, age and religion.

Like Mikey said, everything someone does, will offend someone somewhere.

When living in a melting pot, the only way you can live and let live is to have a superposition of opinions that adapt to the people you interact with.

When the wind of change comes, some people build walls, other’s build windmills.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is an opportunity to re-assess ones self, more than it is, of your surroundings.

Conquer yourself, and you conquer all.
Instead of standing firmly against the stream proclaiming your beliefs, become the stream, and you will realize you can get everywhere and back, without ever having changed your opinions.

In other words… Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
Let people do whatever it is they want to do; Life will punish them if they walk astray.

Your opinion won’t change the endless instances of drinking at a work place before, now and in the future… It’s only affecting Jens Erik, who never issued an opinion of you.

Now, i’m not saying you should suppress your opinions. I’m just saying; Don’t project your opinions on to others, lest you quickly find out what people’s opinions are of you and it’s NEVER going to be good. never.

The only time when an opinion is good is if your trying to protect something, and make it clear and make sense.


Create a seperate server and hold a tournament which gets streamed.
(Please with someone having gone nuts with admin mode building some neat arena?)

This would actually be precious for your team (or rather the guy in charge of balancing) because it would 1) deliver proof in what way there might be a superior weapon and just how much the difference is.
2) Given you provide decent hardware for said server, this might even help with performance tweaking? Like there are said to be good 100 slot servers out there (at least I’ve read about them? “somewhere”?), said server would be created (and deleted afterwards) for this kind of event.

I think that might be fun!

Oh and @Jens_Erik? Just dont let this become a really unhealthy habit. :joy: :thinking:


I think there is a SIGNIFICANT difference from having a beer or two over the course of an hour long broadcast, and drinking to get drunk. I occasionally have a beer while I play games or watch an NFL game. I have no intention of getting drunk, i just enjoy the beer. Every stream I’ve watched seems to apply the same to them.

I think saying you did not want to watch people get drunk phrased wrong or had a gross over-application of personal bias.


Hi Oslion, du hast recht, dass er sich nicht betrunken hat. Aber :
Es kann als respektlos oder gar hönisch gegenüber dem “Kunden” aufgefasst werden.
Der Stream wäre eine gute Gelegenheit zu zeigen, dass Funcom auch die verärgerten Kunden ernst nimmt.
Auf mich wirkte es leider so : Hoffentlich haben wir den Schei… bald hinter uns.
Ich arbeite auf dem Bau, das Bier wird nach getaner Arbeit getrunken, als Belohnung für gute Arbeit.
Eine gute Zeit und prost.


Can you address the patches and updates as related to the consoles? It’s great watching what y’all are doing on the PC’s, but speaking for myself at least, I’m feeling left out and pretty much forgotten.


Everything we do on PC in terms of bug and exploit fixes will eventually make it to console. If we have any updates that specifically relates to consoles we try to go out of our way to mention it.

I do, however, understand the feeling of being left out, since the game and the patches are first built first on PC, then ported to console.


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