Future updates and focus?

i was just wondering what are yours plans for next months, i dont want to cry here for mounts
its just that iam courious, you done a lot of bugfixes /most of wich i never heard of xD/, as you were intended, so please tell me, iam very very exited what comes next

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hopes for nudity to return

Games running good on ps4, enough to enjoy it. Thou I notice, despite partly nude option on, no one is topless in any form, all Darfari have tops on, cept men. Every Thrall spawned now, has course shirt on(hate that shirt) and cooks have forced turban on (hate that damn hat)

Non of North men or Cimm go topless anymore. =/
Every “starved exile” during purges had shirts with loin clothes…lol. So weird looking.

I hope they adjust this, and some of issues with elites. Got a croc who takes a few hits, was fun. Elite Hyena was… well frustrating, Loin dies in 2 hits, but Tiger takes 10.

Just happy l2 and r2 work again.

I also assume we get new dungeon/caves they mention before.

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uhm there is nudity lol im guessing you just need to set it again in gameplay options it resets all the time for some reason

Scroll all the way down to find the sideways scrollbar.

been playing since release, well aware of options, and no… there all set. Its rare as hell to see any nudty now.

weird its fine for me and my brother

Hey there @Zajczev,

Unfortunately I have not had the time to update the upcoming features page with - yes, upcoming features and implementing Multigun’s stream notes.

So, as far as future focus goes, here’s what the wiki has - note some things may be outdated.

People are welcome to contribute, even if they don’t know how to (they may just edit or leave a comment, dm me, find us on the discord etc.) -you don’t need an account.-, this is not for making suggestions btw, it is for sharing info which has been confirmed.


To be fair, I’m on Ps4 with NA copy of game… we seem be getting snowflake version of everything lately.

ah… yea im on pc sorry to hear that

I really wish I had gotten a Pal copy… but I already bought two of DLC’s, And there not shared region. =/

Yea thats a shame

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