Just wanted to let my PS4 brethren know of a good change coming to PSN for party chat.
Here is the link…

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Now all they have to do is return PS Home button to swap between game and chat like ps3 did, And my Sorry little Mute self will be happy.
Or even make PSN menu work better, takes 10-20 seconds to even open one, then even get into other.

Hopfully this will make party and text chat same damn room, nothing worse then being only seen by 3 of 6 party. While rest hang in voice chat unable to see what i type.

Then again… almost every publisher hates(doesn’t care for) mutes and the deaf. XD Lose arm in war, you’ll get the hook up. XD
Want text chat for mute/deaf…big ol’ middle finger. XD

he he he.
"type text which will then be read aloud to other party members. "
Now only if menu loads quickly… cause its pointless if I take 30-40 seconds, and insert raid boss has wiped everyone. XD

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