G-Portal-US Server Post-Update Issues: Harvesting and NPC's in the North are broken after each Update

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: US

I’ll attempt to give all the details as I’m not a Funcom dev and do not know the correlation between everything.

Server is a G-Portal Server:
3 Players
I have purchased all DLC’s
the other 2 players have not

After each update in the game the Northern Map, or anything north of the wall, seems to have the following issues:

  • Humanoid NPC’s no longer exist at all
  • Any northern areas we haven’t harvested or been too before the update are no longer harvest-able nor do any NPC’s show up in those areas

This happened immediately after Update 33 and again after the Update 34

Attempts to Remedy:
Restart Server - Failed
Re-Install Server while retaining saved game - Failed
Delete Saved Game and Re-Install Server - Succeed

The problem here is we are just a group of 3 friends and removing the saved game gets frustrating as this is the reason we have our own server, so we don’t have to start over and rebuild everything, but after every update we do.

NOTE: This never breaks on the local version of the game.

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