Gain more scars the more you die/die to bosses? (Like fable used to)

I think I system where we gain more scars for certain reasons would be a pretty cool mechanic for the game, maybe the more we die or every 5th death you gain a scar, the scar would match where you were hit and with what, bosses one skull and up could also be scar givers when they kill you

Also potions for scar reset and to keep scaring the same (ie drink without scars you never scar up, drink with a few scars and you keep that look until reset potion)

Fable used to run a similar scar system as this

What do you guys think?


Only if you let scars fade after a while. Otherwise, try to imagine what a character would look like after 2 years of playing :laughing:


Maybe a potion that resets all scaring down you can try again until you get where you want? And then another potion you can drink to stop the scaring where it is so you can keep current scar pattern or drink it with no scars and never get any, that way people who don’t like it can opt out


I like it, and having some way to get rid of the scars for players would be great.

Maybe even let people turn off scars or only show scars for their character like weapon sheathing would be good to

We could have scar showdowns like in Jaws


I want soft skin smooth anime waifu’s


I use the RA mod for scars but wouldnt want it dynamic. If I take it to an extreme, when you die, you often puddle out, head pop off, arms go flying, hands drop off from falling too high (wtf) but I appear at my bedroll/bed alive and well. So scars are an element of realism that conflicts with the respawn mechanic. Its nice to have realism (which is why I scar up myself with RA) but the suspension of disbelief for this one ends with the respawn.


I like the idea would definitely want to remove occasionally perhaps with the Orb bench. I die alot :broken_heart:and my girl shouldn’t have to pay for it permanently.

I think if you got scars is because you lived although may have nearly died (5% health). The more scars you have, the more dangerous, perilous fights you had and won.


Proof of battle survival rather than scars left from left from being stitched back together at the mourge. I like it.

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