Game became low res, ignores graphics settings

One of my game save sessions somehow got messed up so that any game I load from there now plays at very low graphics quality. I can change my graphics settings to “high” but the game ignores it. What’s weird is I tried creating a new game (session 2) and that plays at fine quality with no issues saving/loading. But if I try to load a previous save from session 1, the quality goes bad again, even for old saves the previously had no issues. I tried resetting all game settings and deleting all the non-save related config files from %appdata%/ZoneUE4 to no avail. I tried reinstalling the game but that didn’t help either. I even tried renaming the session2 folder (with the working saves) to session1 and session1 (with the actual broken saves I want to continue from) to session2, in case some external config was mapping graphics settings to the session folders, but that didn’t help either (in fact, the game still recognized the saves as belonging to their original session numbers).

Hello @hrtschudi, welcome to the community!

Could you please share the save folder privately with us through DM?
You may upload it to a service such as dropbox or gdrive and send us the link.

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