Game becomes unresponsive when loading audio

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvE
Region North America
Version 194338/23382

What has been occuring since before this latest patch, has been that approaching new climate areas, or certain map areas, like the Summoning Place, the game has ceased rendering on my screen as it struggles to load new background music or ambience music. This has resulted in my player continuing to move across the world, and me regaining control after about 5 or 10 seconds, further along the path I was moving.

Note In Single-Player mode, the player does not continue moving about the map, but control is restored just about in the same place that the unresponsiveness began.

Now, I’m experiencing micro-stutters as the game tries to load regular audio, like weapon hit sounds, NPCs vocalizing as I enter an area causing them to become hostile, even sounds that occur when I interact with the environment (chest opening sounds). Chest content rendering also appears to be slow to load, which is a separate issue.

Other areas incurring audio glitches like this, include:

  • Heading South from the Bridge of the Betrayer towards Godclaw Passage
  • When it begins to rain.

Can anything be done to load audio resources asynchronously, so we at least retain control over movement?

The private server I play on is mod-free.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Approach the Summoning place running from the Sinkhole
  2. As you get near that specific Kudo (not engaging) the issue will likely begin to occur
  3. While playing with another player, they experienced the same glitch in their entirely separate computer
  4. You know you have encountered the issue, if your screen becomes unresponsive.

I use a hard disk drive, not a memory based mass storage device.

I’ll file a separate issue for the problematic issues I have been experiencing loading textures.

Hey @bedwin

Just before we relay this information to our team, since you mention this is happening in a private server. Are there any mods installed?

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