Game borked by funcom's launcher

The game used to work for me I just had to play with battleye disabled. I go away for a month or so and now this launcher thing comes up that apparently borked the game. When I click on the launch button in this launcher it just goes back to steam and the steam button turns green again. No error messages it just doesn’t work. I am using Kubuntu 20.04 so I am using steam play. You’d think they would have checked that the game would still work via steamplay since Linux gamers have been playing this game for years with steam play. I wish game companies would stop changing things once the game is working via steam play/proton. What do whe have to do, get the UN to make a new international law just because these game companies refuse to do what is right? It isn’t just about the all-mighty dollar or whatever your country uses. This is about people too because is a computer game, so not just about money. Both the Testlive and the vanillia game are borked.

Steam Survey results now point to the Linux percentage at 0.74% while macOS is at 2.74% and Windows at 96.51%. Makes you think, huh?

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Linux has never ever been officially supported. Why would they need to test it on Linux unless they planned on officially supporting all versions of it?

None the less, Linux people have come up with a couple of fixes.

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Linux has its place, but its not for reliable gaming.

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This is basically what I tell everyone who xconsiders using Linux: Linux people will come up with fixes if they want to or need to - but no-one else (no “official” party) will do it for them. By choosing Linux, you choose to adopt a Wild West mentality: you survive by your own wits and skills, or you don’t.


Yeah Linux is the red headed stepchild. Just imagine how ticked Steve Jobs must have been when launching Bootcamp for MacOS because Mac owners wanted games too. The issue is they were designed mainly for data processing. I still remember schools using apple and apple II computers as well as IBM 386’s with DOS prompt in the late 70’s through the 80’s. I would love to see the kids these days manually type in every command. LOL

As a Linux user, shouldn’t you be able to fix the issue yourself?

Actually, I would contend that his problem has nothing to do with Linux. My wife is running a standard Windows powered laptop and has the exact same issue that the OP has described. In fact, this is the first person I’ve found since it started that has had the exact same issue.

Make a separate bug report on it under the correct forum category and descriptions of the issue.

Meanwhile, your wife can bypass the launcher if she wants.

steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64

I have made a report, thank you.
The bypass trick doesn’t seem to work for her.

That’s Native Linux. SteamPlay uses Wine to Sandbox Windows only binaries onto the Linux platform, therefor it’s read by the algorithm as a Windows system.

Almost all so called Windows games now run on Linux thanks to Steamplay, wine, vulcan, and proton and most of those run out of the box Conan Exiles was one of them for several years until funcom in their no existant wisdom created this STUPID launcher that breaks the game for both Linux gamers and some Windows gamers.

I would not recommend using Windows to anyone, at any time, nor anywhere, but Steam uses Wine to enable Windows games to play on Linux.
As we all know, Wine has been in “Beta” since 1996 and will likely be in Beta about as long as 7 Days To Die. 7 Days To Die has been “Early Access” for 8 years, and based on the formula t:t/L^S it should reach RTM by 2186 and Wine should reach RTM in early 2034.
If you have descent specs, you could run Windows in a destructible VM on Qubes which would run the binaries natively then destroy the Windows VM once you’re done playing.

She would be the first and only. You just need to run the .exe directly, from that specific folder. I use this ALL the time, it’s pretty standard for any game for any launcher.

It launches by that trick, yes, then fails to discover any and all servers. Even trying the direct connect option does nothing.

Oh, that’s a different issue entirely. I doubt it’s related to the launcher (especially when you bypass it). I don’t see the thread you created on the issue and I don’t want to derail this thread further. But a lack of access to the servers tells me a firewall or virus software blocking it. Or you need to do a typical verify files.

That’s a steam issue, I had that last year, Linux have c++?

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