Game breaking balancing issue. Grind a god in 15 mins

Hi Guys,

There is a balancing issue going around that people are exploiting on exiled lands to have basically unlimited god bubble up at all time.

There are two types of “flesh of remembrance” variant A which is found from the jhebal sag dungeon which you get from the final boss

And variant b you get from grinding zeal with jhebal sagg religion.

Currently there is a bug which is allowing “variant A” to be used at alters which previously did not work.

So let me put this in perspective. A single run of the dungeon can score you up-to 40+ of this meat each meat giving you +20 zeal on your alter of choice. That is some times 5-800 zeal per run.

People are literally just holding bubbles up permanently exploiting this this balancing issue

Please fix this balancing issue fun com. I’m seeing multiple alters with thousands of zeal on it because of this bug and perma bubbles/god attacks to people abusing it.

Thanks Guys


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@DeliciousToxin , Do you play on private server? Last time I killed this werewolve I took just one flesh. 40 in a row I was taking only in private servers. So as @Abioticmould rudly said, I see no exploit here, except the fact of 40 flesh in just one visit, but if you play on a private server with X? then it is something you need to discuss with your admin that created different rules on his server. Welcome to the forum.

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This is on official. All official servers dude. One run you can get upto 40 meat…. There’s no typos. This is on official pvp and I assume pve pvc servers right now….


Doesn’t affect my RP gameplay, so why bother fixing?

If I only had a nickel for every time someone claimed a bug was ‘game breaking.’ :roll_eyes: In this case, it is not a bug. The 2.5 patch notes read:

“Both the EL and IOS variants of the Flesh of Rememberance should now be possible to burn in altars.”

Please feel free to read the patch notes for yourself.

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Lol so you think they intended to add to the game god grinding in 15 mins? LOL ok buddy. Maybe if it dropped 1 meat. Not 40…… like come on. Always the same dudes who defend this stuff are the people abusing it.


I am not defending anything, simply pointing out the facts. I am not a developer nor do I work for Funcom in any other capacity, so I have no idea whether Funcom intended the protective bubble be possible to maintain permanently. I can tell you however, that Flesh of Rememberance was previous broken and was recently fixed. Perhaps they will revisit the drop rates and reduce the amount of flesh being dropped, perhaps not. That is a balancing issue, not a bug.

Let’s not forget that there was a time when avatars were disabled and you were required to manually destroy someone’s base (and some may look at avatars as cheesing the system). Having a permanent bubble does not prevent you from raiding, it only prevents an avatar attack.


So you are saying than in your official pvp server someone can harvest the werewolf and take 40 pieces of meat… This must be a bug, i tottaly agree if this happens. I can understand that now you need to burn things so you can summon faster a God but 40 pieces are way to many. They could be 5 max if you ask me. There are more than one the problems this may cause on pvp. I will check on my official server to see how many i will gain and i will tell you. Can you please tell me what kind of tools you use to gain that many (?) i will surely try black blood tools with oil, but is there a specific weapon that allows you to farm this number?

Ps. Please don’t attack to @DaVice, it is a very helpful and kind member, the only thing i can give to members like DaVice is respect, thank you.

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Every time you put one of these through you get +20 zeal? Oh boy.

I’ll test this in a little bit, thanks for the heads up.


Yepp, you get 20 manifestations when you burn offerings ( another religions’ named priests have special items if you kill and loot them and you can use them in the competitive religions’ altars).


Oh my goodness earlier this year I was searching everywhere trying to figure out what those burnt offerings were about. When I saw this post the little gears in my head started turning. lol

Thank you!


Ok i will summon @Mefistos here because i need some clarification here. I went to the dungeon, i used the black blood hatchet with oil bounty and i gained only 7. So i ask 2 things, in the first one @Barnes can help (please). Does pvp officials have different farming outcomes than pve? I mean pvp is X2 for example because i have some months to play pvp and official some years.
Again… Is there a specific way to reach 40 from a single werewolf?
Like i said i used black blood hatchet with bounty oil, i don’t believe any other tool would give me more. With this tool it allowed me to take only four hits, if i had survival build it wouldn’t allow me to make more than three hits, so i cannot see a way to gain 40 in officials. Except if there is a specific way and official pvp servers are x2 :man_shrugging:.

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Try your Black Blood pick with Bounty Oil. I am getting 20.

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@Barnes , 20 to 40 is half, I hit the first and it gave me 1, the third gave me 6, how many hits allowed you? I will try again later to see if we speak about rng based results. Because this change the whole picture.

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4-5 strikes. Make sure you move your character between strikes as it seems hitbox-dependent. This accounted for the 19, which only happened once.

The pick is usually what I use for bosses, but maybe it’s a pickaxe thing for 40?

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I will try even the cleaver later, I am really curious about it.

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Changed the title name just for you sweet heart.

It’s still busted and needs to be looked at.

It’s not 40 every time the amount is up and down. But still way more then what it should be that’s for sure.

Maybe they did it with the new siptah tools you can get now, which gives more items per hit. I am sure a lot of that tools have landed in the exiled lands do to transfer.

20’s already a ton at 20 zeals per.