Game Breaking Bat

I have purchased almost everything in your store and have paid cash to advance each season in your game. Not to mention buying all of the dlcs. I have to say the addition of the bat that breaks base building defenses and mechanics has stopped me from playing and I will not be purchasing from the new Age of War, as much as I would love to. Conan has no spell towers or automatic defenses especially when bombs can be planted right before raid time even begins and thralls take way to long to upgrade for a small group like mine. Even when upgraded they are nothing for a player to kill especially if there is more than one player doing it. Please remove that bat and make thralls stronger. Conan’s population should be going up but instead everyday server wipe squads cause players to quit forever because the odds are just too great to ever stand a chance unless you have 10 players and don’t mind playing a game with broken base defense mechanics and having a second job. The Bat does one thing only and that is assist server wipe squads in their efforts to destroy the population of any and every official server. I will never play on an unofficial server where someone decides to stop paying the bill and I lose all of my effort hence I will never play Conan Exiles again unless the bat is removed.

I personally dont play pvp because I feel that like the bat a lot of mechanics make it too unplayable as a solo player. Maybe i just need to get good lol.

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