Game breaking exploit, cant finish game

Official Server #1529 PvP - Player made base inside The black keep outside dungeon walls exploit is preventing spawn of Kinscourge.

If we can’t kill him we can’t, loot heart or Tears of Two Races that is required to finish the game.

needs Immediate hotfix, we can’t finish the game

The Kinscourge drops the Tears of Two Races, one of the six Artefacts required to create the Keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.

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Please report in a DM to @hugo or @Ignasis
And read the following thread, and do not list names etc on open forums.

I have read it and pm was sent, and no names were mentioned… Did you even read the OP?

This is happening on several servers. there is a video showing you can do this.

We can’t finish the game. Fix it.