Game Breaking Loading Screen Bug

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Official Server 2878

This is a bug that’s affected me more than once over a month or so. It occurs when you try to load into a server but are unable to get past the loading screen. The loading bar fills up or gets very close to filling up, but you never leave the loading screen. I believe your character does spawn into the game still, as the last time this happened my event log showed me dying of thirst at the time I was waiting at the loading screen. All items i was carrying on me decayed, of course.

The most recent time I believe I caught it in time, but I won’t know until I’m able to reinstall the game, as that is what fixed the issue the last time it occurred. Both times the bug occurred while I was trying to load from the server selection screen into my base in the highlands. Hopefully this can be addressed in the next patch.

  • This has happened to me
  • This has happened to someone I know

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Sign in to server
  2. Watch loading bar fill
  3. See it fill to max/almost max
  4. Remain on loading screen while character spawns in game
  5. Character loses thirst as player remains on loading screen, eventually leading to an unexpected and unannounced death in game
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Update: Reinstalling the game did remedy the issue again, though I can’t be sure the daily server restart doesn’t have an effect because both of my reinstalls have overlapped with the server restart time.

Hi @NosferatuV, thank you for reaching out, we’ll be sure to send note to the team regarding this matter so that it can be looked into.

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Thank you.

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